Living For God, Praying For The Sick

By Grace


All through the Word of God we read about God healing sick people. Sometimes the sick would go to God or a Prophet or to Jesus for healing. Other times, the friends or family members would ask Jesus for healing for their sick friend or familty member. And, other times the sick made no request but Jesus out of His compassion initiated the healing process. Sometimes God/Jesus required faith for healing. Sometimes He did not require faith. Other times He required that the sick do something to receive their healing.

In my walk with God I have found that Jesus still heals today. Jesus brought healing to those I prayed for under different requirements. Sometimes I just asked Him not knowing whether He would heal or not. Other times, I felt led to pray. Other times, He directed me to pray for a person's healing. Sometimes He required that I include fasting and prayer. Sometimes I needed to pray twice for the person's healing. Sometimes Jesus didn't choose to heal the sick person but instead chose to give healing to some complication within the sickness.


Here are a few examples of my experiences:

1) I had a friend at Church that worked for the same company as I did. We would meet every morning before work for 15 to 30 minutes to share and pray for our needs, the needs of family and friends, and for those we worked with.

One Wednesday morning my friend said that she had pain in her knee. She asked me to pray that God would heal her. I did not know whether God would heal her or not but I asked. She came to me that night in Church, reminded me how I prayed for the healing of her knee. She said that God answered and the pain was gone.

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Living For God, Praying For The Sick