A New Beginning, Looking Forward to 2014

By Jocelyn Hu

God has many attributes, and among his power, greatness, and love are also creativity and art-filled passion. We see this every day when we look at this created world, but he is also the Master of creative words and symbolism. Sometimes what we need in order to begin something new is... a new beginning.

I know, New Years resolutions have become a running joke. Good intentions fade by February, and the expectation is that everything will be the same except the four digits of 2014 that will replace 2013 on all of our calendars.

But there is a reason why people get excited at the beginning of a new year. There is a reason people make goals for themselves that will start on January first instead of any other day. That reason is hope. The year gets to be new, and we want to be new too.

There is great power in symbolism- in the meaning behind what otherwise could be considered just another day. This power has held me accountable many times. I came to a point when I needed to stop something. Maybe you do too. My day wasn't January first, it was Easter. I decided on Easter Sunday that I was resurrected with Christ from the death that my habit brought to me.

That wasn't the first time I made that commitment. To be honest, I had made that commitment many times over a period of several years. But it was the first time that the symbolism and imagery of that day stayed with me, and it stopped me from going back. It meant too much to me to throw away.

Change is possible, no matter how long or how hard you have tried. Be encouraged! Try something new. If you are willing, let your old life drown in the flooding waters of 2013 as it comes to a close, and wake up to the new, dry ground of 2014. It's just around the corner! And it's even okay if you stumble your way through it, there is always grace for those who belong to Jesus.

Happy New Year.

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