Biblical Communication that Strengthens your Relationship.

Communication is part of everyday life. Perhaps nothing else brings such a combination of joy and frustration than the way we communicate with each other. Here are some biblical guidelines to make your communication more productive and effective. Check your Heart Attitude Consider others more important than yourself. Philippians 2:3-5

2 Ways to Improve Your Marriage

I pictured a handsome man sweeping in to pick me up and make me whole. I guess I have Disney to blame for that - LOL! Obviously, that fairy tale was exactly that - a fairy tale. Marriage can be difficult, and there are times when I have struggled to even like my spouse.

Gentleness: a gift to your family

Do you want your children to see you as someone they can trust? Do you want your spouse to take comfort in just being with you? Are you easy to talk to?

Physical beauty and biblical sexual attraction.

There is a difference between physical beauty and biblical sexual attraction. Physical beauty is on display to be admired by all who observe it. The Holy Spirit describes the beauty of Job's daughters this way: "Nowhere in all the land were there found women as beautiful as Job's daughters, and their father granted them an inheritance along with their brothers." Physical beauty can and should be appreciated by many. But sexual attraction is only for one's marriage partner. Sexual attractio

Safe sex: an urban Legend

Teaching your children to honor God's authority by obeying quickly and pleasantly has many blessings. One of these blessings is to learn to avoid the world's wisdom, no matter how attractive it may appear. For example, there is the lie, the urban legend, that there can be safe sex outside of marriage. Modern man, in his proverbial darkened state, plunges ever deeper into darkness by seeking new and creative ways to say Yes to sex outside of marriage. This thinking brings a rising tide of the

Should Christians get Married to Have Sex?

I knew a girl in college who had recently gotten married. she had met the love of her life and they hadn’t dated for very long before their wedding, because they were burning with passion. I lost touch with my friend for a while, but when we reconnected years after college she was in a far different place than the last time I had saw her. This time, she was divorced······

9 Suggestions for Winning Back The Heart Of Your Wife

In working with marriages in distress I've discovered most men have injured the women in their life emotionally, at least at some level. To understand how this can happen one needs to first understand one of the ways men and women are usually different. Most men are predominantly thinking beings - they receive and process experiences in life in a predominately rational and logical way. If someone says something which offends a man he will accept or dismiss it based on whether it is true.

7 Ways for a Husband to Encourage His Wife

I'm not a perfect husband. I'm not a perfect husband. I'm not a perfect husband. I would write that 100 times, but I think you get the message and I'd probably lose most of you at number 17. That's the average number of times you'll read the same thing. (Of course, I just made that up.)

Double Blessing for Modern-Day Ruth

DONCASTER, UK (ANS - October 11, 2016) -- A British-raised Jewish woman who went to Israel to help recover from shattered dreams, got more than she bargained for -- she found her Messiah! Now also a Canadian resident, Bobbie Ann Cole was living in Britain when, following the breakdown of her marriage and amidst the trauma of suffering from breast cancer, she joined a friend on a visit to Israel to find meaning and purpose to her life. And on a heady day in Jerusalem shortly before flying h

Question: "If Marriage is so Difficult, Why Should I Even Consider it?"

Answer: "Marriage should be honored by all" (Hebrews 13:4). A biblical marriage, consisting of one man and one woman in a loving, lifelong commitment, is an honorable and godly institution. Fads come and go, and the world has its biases, but God's plan for marriage is still the building block of society.

5 Christian Quotes On Fatherhood

Being good father is difficult. Being Godly father is more difficult. But we can not give up beacuse it is our ministry God gave to all men. Here are 5 Quotes by christians who tried being Godly fathers. Their words will re-recognize the importance of fatherhood and encourage you to be Godly father.

10 Things You Should Know About Female Submission

In an earlier post we looked at 10 things all should know about male headship as it is found in Scripture. Today we look at female submission. (1) Submission (Gk., hupotasso) carries the implication of voluntary yieldedness to a recognized authority. Biblical submission is appropriate in several relational spheres: the wife to her husband (Eph. 5:22-24); children to their parents (Eph. 6:1); believers to the elders of the church (Heb. 13:17; 1 Thess. 5:12); citizens to the state (Rom. 13); se

The Perfect Spouse Will Not Complete You

There are few pains like the long ache of loneliness. That experience can motivate singles to obsess over finding and keeping the perfect spouse. Sometimes it even drives people to end perfectly healthy relationships for fear that there is a more perfect choice somewhere.

Jesus Can’t Be Your Boyfriend

I was watching a funny YouTube video about Stuff Christian singles hear. It's full of phrases that most Christian singles have heard at some point in their lives. Lines about waiting on God, happening when you least expect it, and viewing Jesus as your significant other...

The Silent Marriage-Killer

Most Christian couples would not list shame as one of the top struggles in their marriage. However, in almost a decade of counseling, I've seen very few marriages that aren't hampered by shame on some level. It's just not often the first thing that's identified, but it underlies so many other common struggles, especially communication and sex.

This One Song Can Dramatically Improve Your Marriage

Years ago I used to share that song on marriage retreats I led. Contained within it is one secret - one principle - which can dramatically change, maybe even save, a marriage. Here are the lyrics, in case you don't remember them:

A Dangerous Fairytale for Future Wives

They deliver us a modern fairytale: the American Dream that comes with a successful career, two children (a boy and a girl, of course), a faithful and devoted husband, good health, and an abundance of wealth and material possessions