Marriage Coaches Mike & Trisha Fox: What Is An Emotional Affair?

"Watch your thoughts, for they become words. Watch your words for they become actions. Watch your actions, for they become habits. Watch your habits, for they become character. Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny." ~Frank Outlaw Emotional Affairs are synonymously termed "affair," "unfaithfulness," "adultery" and "infidelity."

Evaluating Your Spiritual Relationship Before Marriage

Each year, thousands of pastors and counselors use Preparing for Marriage as the foundation of their pre-marriage training for engaged couples. Preparing for Marriage was recently revised and updated, and the following excerpt addresses a subject that many couples do not adequately discuss before they are married.

Russell D. Moore: How Should You Explain the Same-Sex Marriage Debate to Your Children?

With the recent Supreme Court decisions all over the news, some Christian parents wonder how they ought to explain all of this to their small children. I've faced the same question as my children have asked, "What is the Supreme Court doing that's keeping you so busy?" So how does one teach the controversy, without exposing one's children to more than they can handle?

Waiting for a Man? Change Your Focus From Here to Eternity

What messes up most of our lives is the picture we have in our heads of how our lives are supposed to be. If that snapshot in your dream-scrapbook includes a husband by your side, you’re probably wondering about now where he is. Yeah, I thought he’d be here by now.

Sex Is a Symbol of Something Else

Lil Wayne caused an uproar last week when he stomped on the American flag. Nobody gets in trouble for stepping on cloth dyed red, white or blue if that cloth is a shirt or a rag, but when dyed cloth is a symbol for America--and you step on it--people get really upset.

Jim Daly: Five Questions and Answers About the Same-Sex Marriage Issue

The Supreme Court is expected to rule on two key marriage cases before the end of June. And as the nation awaits the decisions to the Prop 8 and DOMA and cases, good people are asking thoughtful questions on why marriage matters. However, it's not always easy to wade through the research and pundit talking points to get trustworthy information on this important issue. You might even find yourself in a conversation with a friend who might see things differently than you.

Keep Defending Marriage

Today it is "controversial" to say that marriage is between one man and one woman --but it's true. The Lord knows what He's doing when He creates each person. That's why it's so disturbing to see how people try to take His place and change His design.

Joni Eareckson Tada: Husband Caregiver Day To Wives

Hi, I’m Joni Eareckson Tada and this Sunday is not only Father’s Day, it is Husband Caregiver Day, because a lot of men, yes, are caregivers to their wives who’ve incurred an illness or injury. My husband Ken is in that camp.

Satisfied Only With Utter Destruction

There is much debate and much concern today about redefining marriage. Where it hasn't happened already, it seems very nearly inevitable that the definition will soon be expanded to include homosexual unions

What Does the Wedding Ring Symbolize?

According to Soundvision, "2.3 million couples wed every year in the US. That breaks down to nearly 6,200 weddings a day." 80% of weddings take place in churches and synagogues.

Pastors, We've Got a Lot of Work to Do

Recently, Lifeway conducted a research poll containing some startling statistics that reveal where public opinion stands in relation to same-sex "marriage" and the acceptance of homosexual behavior.

Fans Urged to Pray, Fast for Mary Mary Singer's Marriage

A month after Mary Mary singer Tina Campbell revealed to Ebony magazine her husband Teddy was unfaithful in their marriage, is reporting that the Tonight Show with Jay Leno drummer has asked fans to pray and fast for their union.

The Most Important Question in Marriage

The main question most people ask in marriage relationships today is, "What can I get out of it?" Especially, "What sex can I get out of it?" And when the investment of time, money, emotion, and sexual energy does not pay off as expected?

An Optimistic View of Marriage

“Those who marry will face many troubles in this life.” (1 Corinthians 7:28) Leave it to the Apostle Paul to speak hard truths. He’s correct. Marriage can be very difficult. Every month at MarriageToday, we receive letters from couples who are struggling.

The Totalitarian Threat of Same Sex Marriage

In 1803, the United States Supreme Court issued its opinion in Marbury v. Madison that established the doctrine of judicial review. This is the doctrine that enables the courts to determine whether the actions of the other two branches (most commonly the actions of Congress) are consistent with the U.S. Constitution.

The Pain of Infertility

Infertility is an issue that many couples face. It can be very painful, lonely, and isolating. Following is a perspective from one couple that has confronted this issue.

The Veil Tale

Having hit horrendous traffic going into the city Friday night for the rehearsal, we left in plenty of time Saturday afternoon for the 3:00 wedding. We did have a scare Saturday morning when we got word that our 7-year-old granddaughter Emmy had thrown up everywhere.

What Exactly is Marriage?

By this question, I inquire for a more detailed and in-depth answer than merely "one man, one woman," or "any single person you love." There is a lot more to the definition of marriage than either side in the debate has taken into consideration.

Steps for Avoiding Adultery

This week there have been several big news stories involving adultery. This South Florida Sun-Sentinel headline tells the tragic story: "Three Orlando mega-church pastors resign after admitting to affairs."

The 'Soul Surfer' Announces Her Engagement

Bethany Hamilton, the Christian surfer who inspired the move Soul Surfer, announced that she is engaged to a youth minister named Adam. She made the announcement earlier this month on her Facebook page and website

Quit Looking For Your Soulmate, Because He/She Isn't Out There

Aaaahhhh, your soulmate (insert romantic accordion music). That one magical person whom you connect with on every level. You both love long walks on the beach, obscure punk bands from Seattle, European poetry, French Press coffee, and movies directed by Joss Wheedon.