Same-Sex Marriage Is Being Imposed on the Nation by Judicial Decree

It is deeply troubling to me to see a repeat of the situation in 1973 when the Supreme Court, by the exercise of raw judicial power apart from any Constitutional or legislative warrant, imposed abortion rights on the entire United States, against the will of the people. That decision remains untouched today, 41 years later.

Criminalizing Dissent Via Lawfare

The heavy hand of misused government power is getting heavier by the day. Given the Obama Administration's vast abuses of executive power, it's not surprising that lesser lights are following the Chief Executive's example and waging "lawfare" on their opponents.

The Solemnization of Matrimony

If Christians are to accept gay so-called marriage, they must accept that our liturgies and our services, our pastors and priests, our forefathers and foremothers have been for centuries wrong about the meaning of marriage.

New Figures Show ‘Gay Marriage Tidal Wave’ Is Only a Trickle

Insistent media messages claim surging and overwhelming public support for redefinition of marriage but recent numbers from major surveys and the Census Bureau tell a very different story. In late September, a Pew Center poll found less than half of respondents - 49% to be exact - saying that they "favor allowing gays and lesbians to marry legally" - a sharp five point drop since February.

Marriage Shapes Better Adults Before it Builds Better Kids

A recent Washington Post piece acknowledges that "children with married parents are better off" but simultaneously claims "marriage isn't the reason why." The report cites research at Brookings Institution suggesting that higher family income, more educated parents, and better parenting skills help explain the so-called "marriage advantage," not the institution of matrimony itself.

4 Expectations that Can Injure a Marriage

Is your marriage struggling? Sometimes, in my experience, there may be a problem with expectations. Expectations are critical for the success of any good relationship - especially in a marriage.

7 Ways I Protect My Ministry and Marriage From an Affair

It seems every day we hear of another big name celebrity, politician or pastor that has fallen into the temptation of lust and had an affair. I think it is dangerous for any leader to assume this could never happen to him or her.

There Is No Such Thing as Marriage Equality

I have no problem with marriage equality - except that it doesn't exist. It can't exist. It never has existed. It never will exist. 'Marriage equality' - that is, the idea that the union between a man and a man can achieve equality with the union between a man and a woman - is nonsense.

7 Commandments of a Great Marriage

I have an advanced degree in counseling and hundreds of hours experience working with couples. I've taught marriage retreats for years. I wouldn't say I'm an "expert" in marriage - because I'm married - and my wife reads my blog. That would be a stretch. Actually, I know more to do than I have the practice of doing. (Isn't that true for most of us?)

What the ‘Gay Marriage’ Debate is Really About

Did you actually think the debate over "gay marriage" was about marriage? Have you really come to believe that this cultural kerfuffle has anything to do with "civil rights" or "equality"? Have you bought into the popular premise that this is a legitimate discussion on federalism - that it's a reasonable disagreement over whether the U.S. Constitution's equal protection clause requires that newfangled "gay marriage," something rooted in same-sex sodomy, a deviant and disease-prone behavior our C

God, Realistic Expectations, Self-Sacrifice -- Keys to a Successful Marriage

"A common misconception is the thought that married couples should be in unity and harmony about everything," says Roger Gibson, senior director of Adult and Family Ministries for the Assemblies of God in Springfield, Missouri. People who mistakenly think there must be great chemistry to keep them together are more likely to vocalize the notion they have fallen out of love when a major conflict arises, Gibson says.

George Clooney And The Marriage Covenant

On Monday, George Clooney married Amal Alamuddin in a civil ceremony in Venice, Italy. The couple had a private ceremony the previous Saturday attended by family and close friends including Matt Damon and Bill Murray.

'19 Kids and Counting' Michelle Duggar on Her Daughters Leaving the Nest

Now that it's actually happening, there are all of these wonderful mixed emotions. You get the joy of watching a loving relationship unfold. Jill and Derick, and Jessa and Ben, are becoming best friends and really getting to know each other in such a sweet way. When the right one comes along, it's so exciting, shocking and surprising all at the same time!

3 Top Jokes about WIVES

Sometimes women are overly suspicious of their husbands. When Adam stayed out very late for a few nights, Eve became upset. "You're running around with other women," she charged.

7 Reasons Why the Current Marriage Debate Is Nothing Like the Debate on Interracial Marriage

One refrain in debates over marriage policy is that laws defining marriage as the union of male and female are today's equivalent of bans on interracial marriage. Some further argue that protecting the freedom to act publicly on the basis of a religious belief that marriage is the union of a man and woman is like legally enforcing race-based segregation. This leads some people to think that the government is right to fine a New York family farm $13,000 for declining to host a lesbian wedding in

'19 Kids and Counting' Q&A: Michelle Duggar on Inexpensive Date Nights

We sure do! Sometimes we'll go for a drive and just park and talk or take a walk and talk. It's so nice when it's quiet and there are no interruptions. We really enjoy that because we're not around a lot of people then, and we can catch up with each other. Other times, we'll go out for a coffee or ice cream, which is my favorite weekly sweet treat