Divorce...Can't You Think The Kids Will Be Just Fine?

I hear it all the time in my groups, words like "Kids are resilient", "Well the kids are all grown now", "It will be better now because we are not always fighting", and even this one..."I have asked the kids and they agree, we will all be happier"...

Mark Driscoll: Temptation will Cease Once They Get Married? 11 Ways to Attack Adultery

Taking his series of sermons on Ten Commandments forward, Pastor Mark Driscoll of Mars Hill Church in Seattle, Wash., shared with his congregation what marriage is and what it is not, stressing on the gravity of the sin of adultery and sharing 11 practical, biblical ways to attack it. The pastor of the prominent megachurch in Seattle, spoke about the Seventh Commandment on Sunday, based on Exodus 20:14: "You shall not commit adultery."

Dealing With a Spouse's Sexual Past (Or Your Own)

"Couples who've had sex before marriage will inevitably have sexual difficulties in marriage." That's what I, a marriage expert and chairman of MarriageHelper.com, said to a large audience of married couples. Through my work with thousands of couples, I've learned that the emotional results of premarital sex can negatively affect many aspects of a marriage.

Jim Morrison: Sex is full of lies

Sex is full of lies. - Jim Morrison There are lots of ways to take that statement. One way is to see how we are constantly pressured to buy into the lie that sex equals love. This is such a huge lie, but to ignore that we live in a culture that is propelled and motivated by the sexual imagery found everywhere would be as big of a lie. Our culture screams that if you’re not getting sex your way then you’re not really living.

Porn Addict' Confession: I am Afraid to Tell My Wife

“Honey, I forgot to stop at the store and get milk.” “Sweetheart, I know I have been trying to eat better, but I had two Big Macs for lunch because they had a deal.” “Ummm… when you were at work today, I spent 3 hours surfing porn and masturbating.”

'19 Kids and Counting': Jessa Duggar is in Courtship!

Jessa Duggar is in a courtship! The Duggars asked us to keep the news under wraps for a few days, but we now have their blessing to make the announcement. Who's the lucky guy? His name is Ben Seewald. He's 18 years old, and he lives in Hot Springs, Arkansas, a town about three-and-a-half hours south of the Duggars.

On the Worst Day, Why I Stay in My Marriage

For many years now, I have asked myself why I remain in this marriage with everything it has thrown in my path to make me question its validity, its purpose, or its benefit. On the worst of days I ask myself, "Is this it? How much longer are you going to tolerate this?"

'19 Kids and Counting': The Story of Josh & Anna, from Child to Marriage

Anna grew up in a three-bedroom, two-bathroom house with a family of 10. She shared one bedroom with her four sisters, which she describes as a constant slumber party. Josh, as you know, is the oldest of 19. "I was a very mischievous child," he says. "My mom would be right there to say, 'I'm watching you.'"

Jeff Fisher: How to Rebuild Trust In My Marriage

One of the hardest things about recovering from an addiction is that I have broken the trust of several people around me. Now in recovery, I’m suffering the consequences of having broken trust with my wife, my close friends, and my former employer. It is a hard consequence to face.

Of Porn and Insecurity, A Permanent Divorce With Porn

For the Christian porn addict, insecurity is a relentless hound that never stops tracking him. He lives in constant fear that someone might see him, or discover the tracks he has so carefully covered. His wife, kids, or employer must not discover his secret life; to do so would be to blow his reputation as “the good Christian.”

Max Lucado: Dark Country of Divorce

It touches each of us, sooner or later. A friend, a brother, a co-worker, or perhaps, you. If you haven't been affected by divorce, you probably will be-it's one of the signatures of our society. In today's culture, divorce lurks and leers like a predator surveying his prey.

Facebook: From Classmates to Soulmates

Most people go to school in search on knowledge. But some find something extra -- their future partners. Recently, we took a close look at Facebook data to explore how often people meet their partners while attending the same high school or college, and whether there are any particular schools that seem to have a higher proportion of alumni married to one another. To this end, we examined aggregate, anonymized data on all couples in the US who both list themselves as being married to each othe

Cohabitation: Risk for "Marital Breakup and Unhappiness" due to Lack of Commitment

Al and Alicia just celebrated their tenth wedding anniversary. When they met, Alicia was a brand new believer, and Al was a non-Christian. They became intimate almost immediately and lived together for a time before getting married. "We slept together on the second date," said Alicia. "There was no hesitation; it just seemed like what you do."

Porn Makes Me Unable to Have Sex with My Wife- By Carl Thomas, XXX Church

Huh? I’m thinking for some of you the title of this post just elicited that response. Unable to have sex? What does that mean? Impotency? Barred from the bedroom? My wife just doesn’t do it for me anymore? {Insert your response here} Maybe a better way to put it is porn makes me unable to have healthy and meaningful sex with my wife. Why do I say this? Well there are a variety of reasons but I just want to focus on three.

Four Answers for the Question: Why Am I Still Single?- Debra Katherine Fileta

I remember some really difficult moments during my time in graduate school. I would wake up on certain mornings feeling extremely, and utterly alone. I was going through a difficult time in my life, but more than anything I remember this one question that continually tormented me: Why Am I Still Single? I know I'm not alone in asking this question. I have heard from a lot of you with the same underlying concern. I've read your words and hear your stories filled with fear, confusion, and wor

How Do I Deal with Lukewarm Relationship. God Intended Marriage

As what would have been my 7th wedding anniversary is approaching, the memories of my hurried elopement are slowly but surely fading away. It seems strange to think I once wore a wedding band and made vows on a fishing boat in front of a Christian preacher to a man who is now a stranger to me.

Everyone Needs A Little Help Sometimes. Porn As A Marital Aid?

A few years ago I received a call from a local Saturday morning television talk show asking for my ideas on porn in culture. I had no idea that this conversation would quickly make the jump from the complete saturation of porn in culture to porn in the bedroom. Specifically, one anchor lady said, “Who cares if a couple watches porn in the bedroom. Everyone needs a little help sometimes.”

19 Kids and Counting Jim Bob And Michelle Duggar Celebrate 29 Years Of Marriage

Question from a "19 Kids and Counting" fan on Facebook: How do you usually celebrate your wedding anniversary with Jim Bob? Any particularly memorable ones? It's different every year depending on what we are able to do. Often we might get away for just an evening. Last year, our children surprised us and they planned a whole getaway overnight for us in a nearby hotel.

Reflection on Graham Family Love Stories in Three Generations: Billy and Ruth, Anne and Danny Lotz

On Valentine's Day, we thought it would be fun to highlight the stories of three generations of Graham family married couples. Read on and learn about Ruth Bell's first impression of Billy Graham and find out how Anne Graham met her husband, Dan Lotz, right across the road from where her parents lived. You will also find out how God used the very home of Franklin and Jane Graham to introduce their daughter Cissie to her husband, Corey Lynch!