Newly Saved on a Nude Beach, He Stepped Out with ‘Uncovered’ Evangelistic Fervor

By James.B

SANTA MONICA, California (ANS -- March 23, 2015) -- How was he supposed to know that you shouldn't witness about Jesus while you're naked?

But there he was on a nude beach in Australia, newly saved after reading the Late Great Planet Earth, and he hadn't learned all the norms of Christianity yet. Yes, God showed abundant grace, mercy, and patience with Bruce Callahan in his early steps of faith.

Raised in Boston, Callahan fell into drugs before many of his friends. He smoked marijuana and abused psychedelic drugs like LSD. When he was 18, his girlfriend became pregnant.

"I was on the cutting edge of sin," Callahan says. "Back then nobody got their girlfriend pregnant, but I did. Religion didn't work for me. My religion was the streets."

His later girlfriends got pregnant too but chose abortion. "I became a murderer just like that," he laments. "I never meant to hurt anybody in life, but I wound up hurting a lot of people."

After getting his AA, he married the girlfriend who bore their son and became a teacher. But even as he started his teaching career and seemed to thrive academically, he found he couldn't kick his drug habit.

Astonishingly, he declined tenure at a school in Boston to travel to California to pursue a newfound interest in surfing. "Pop culture was taking control of my life - the whole hippie, surfing, drug culture of the early '70s," he says.


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