Scientism Stems From a One-Dimensional Worldview

Science has a way of making a man feel confident. It gives him a sense of being in control of the universe. Man feels powerful as a result of the assurance he receives from scientific research. It is partly emotional, and largely intellectual. It is a potent combination of knowledge and a "buzz." The buzz corresponds to how highly a person views science in the grand scheme of things.

Love Finds You In Valentine

For those who enjoy romance, horses and beautiful scenes of the Nebraska outdoors, check out Love Finds You In Valentine, which releases on DVD on June 7th.

Batman v Superman Movie: Superhero Rumble

OK. You're a comic book character. The bad guys are closing in. The time bomb is ticking, your best friend's become a maniacal intergalactic terrorist, and the IRS is auditing you. You need a superhero - fast - but you can choose only one: Superman or Batman. Who you gonna call?

Miracles from Heaven Movie: Astonishing Outcomes (Film Review)

The true story this film depicts is astonishing. A nine-year-old girl falls thirty feet, lands headfirst, sustains only minor scrapes and bruises, and leaves the hospital the next day. She says she visited heaven and sat in Jesus' lap. Eventually, her chronic, life-threatening illness is gone.

Patterns of Evidence, Exodus (Movie Review)

The documentary film,Patterns of Evidence: Exodus by Timothy P. Mahoney is spectacular from the standpoint of cinematography and also as compelling biblical evidence for the Old Testament's account of the Exodus.

‘The Masked Saint’ Readies to Win Over Audiences Nationwide

The Masked Saint has opened in theaters nationwide. Starring Brett Granstaff (Vice) as Christopher 'The Saint' Samuels, and follows the journey of former professional wrestler, who retires from the ring to settle down as a small town pastor. A Samuels faces a number of problems in the community, he decides to moonlight as a masked vigilante to fight the injustice. While facing crises at home and at the church, Samuels must evade the police and somehow reconcile his secret identity with his calli

Caged No More (Movie Review)

According to UNICEF, 1.2 million children are enslaved every year. Sex trafficking is the world's fastest growing global crime, and it takes place everywhere-even here in America. Caged No More is a scary eye-opening movie, which highlights the very real dilemma of the sex trade. It will also have

Dr Jane Hawking: Marriage Across the Faith Divide

Dr. Jane Hawking believes it is possible for a marriage to work between a couple who do not agree about matters of faith, as long as both are "fairly relaxed" on the subject. Recalling the early years of her first marriage on July 14, 2015, to Stephen Hawking, Dr. Hawking told leading Christian dating website Christian Connection ( "At first we lived in harmony, each respecting the other's point of view." But then came a serious problem.

The 33 Movie: Chilean Miners' Despair, Faith, Miracle Rescue

Can you imagine being buried alive for days, weeks, months on end? In this dramatic true story that captivated the world in 2010, a huge explosion traps 33 miners deep underground in Chile. Up top, an international team works frantically to save them. Food rations and human hope are sparse. But with deep determination and fervent prayer

The Father’s Love

Some stories are not fast-paced drama, but they are believable and inspiring. The Father's Love is one of those films. The characters seem authentic and the plot is raw and relatable -- especially to young people hoping to find true love.

Return to the Hiding Place

If you were inspired by Corrie ten Boom's story as portrayed in The Hiding Place, then you'll surely love the movie Return to the Hiding Place.

Faith of Our Fathers Movie: Vietnam War Healing

What was/is the Vietnam War for you? For many, it's a history book chapter. For me it was a controversial conflict that divided our nation and set university campuses aflame. For my classmates, it was variously cause for debate, protest, a call to serve, or motivation to relocate to Canada.

Beyond The Mask, Action-Packed Faith-Based Adventure

As far as faith-based movies go, or even action-packed adventures, Beyond The Mask is far from typical.Beyond The Mask is both high action and with a strong Christian message, but special effects and superb photography combined with a really good plot make this film comparable to anything Hollywood has produced. Add to that the historic thread and top-notch acting and you have a winner.

Laughing and Learning with a Newlywed Comedy Drama

A new comedy drama series on SAT-7 PARS, charting the highs and lows of a newly married couple, is a laugh a minute - but with a serious message.According to a news release from SAT-7, the series encourages Christian couples to seek Biblical solutions to their daily problems, attend church together, and spur one another on in ministry and good deeds.

WW II Movie Drama: Christian Students Hiding Jews from Nazis

As the world commemorates the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II, a newly-released film dramatically portrays a forgotten story of dedicated Christian students who played a vital role in rescuing hundreds of Jews from Nazi persecution. Driven by faith, love and conviction, these ordinary people with extraordinary devotion endured great hardship and risked their lives to protect the oppressed from Hitler's terror.