What Do I Do When I Want To Give Up? - About How to Avoid Temptation

Some temptations are like butterflies; we swat them and they flutter off. But others are so intense it seems the army of hell is advancing upon us. I used to travel a lot, and encountered many battles in hotel rooms where the pull to turn on the TV and act out with porn kept coming.

Porn Might Be "Fun". But It Definitely Can't Be Trusted.-By Shellie R. Warren

For a large part of this year, I've been reading about how there are more and more lawsuits "popping up" against people who have been illegally downloading porn (even if they don't know that they are illegally downloading porn). The plaintiffs have been getting money for this suits too; not always or necessarily because the judgment is legitimate, but because of the fact that the people watching the porn are so fearful that they will be exposed for doing it that they will pay money to have the l

Life Is Holy, "Sophistication Demands..."

We’ve all heard it; when you have sex with someone, you are connecting to them; your souls are becoming one. The problem is that our culture has made it alright to connect with as many people as you want. As a male, I know that has become our species’ M.O. as well has having become not only acceptable but something we strive for in order to become “more of a man”, I guess? Is that still a thing? However, women see things a little differently.

Do Porn Use and Sexual Compulsion Cause Depression?

It’s difficult to bring up the topic of depression without also bringing up hope. In fact, most definitions you can find of “depression” include the term “hopeless” or “hopelessness” in them.

Micah Challenge USA: Christians, Defenders of Foreign Aid?

After decades of poverty, hunger, and war Solomay Epouca of Angola and her 8 children are filled with hope for the future. As participants in a USAID food security program they have not only received hundreds of pounds of food to sustain them during conflict and uncertain times, but tools, training, and hope that they can move back to their home village and sustain themselves.

Julie J: Porn Makes Me Fear Men

Before I became a committed Christian, I dated several guys who admitted that they watched porn. Some of them tried to get me to watch it with them, but it just grossed me out. Yet, I adopted a very permissive attitude about it. I didn’t object to them watching it (not that it would’ve done any good if I had).

End Times Prophecy and Crisis In Syria

As the crisis in Syria continues, some Christians has linked the recent events to Isaiah 17:1 "See, Damascus will no longer be a city but will become a heap of ruins." regarding on CBN News.

Well I Never

You may think, “Well I’d never cheat on my wife,” or “I’d never use a prostitute,” or even “I’d never have sex with an underage girl (or guy)” but the reality is when porn is involved your rules eventually get thrown out the window.

Mike Genung: If Our Heart Isn't In The Right Place, Ministry Can Be Toxic

If our heart isn’t in the right place, ministry can be toxic; we can get high on the approval and appreciation of others just as a junkie would his drug of choice. We can become more about getting our ministry–fix than anything else, at the expense of our relationship with the Lord, family, and friends. In this context, “Ministry” is no longer about God or what He wants to do; it’s all about fulfilling our vision, dreams, and ambition. Pride, that vicious enemy which has taken out many over the

Porn Is Fantasy, Real Sex Is Real Life

I don’t know about you, but when I read a statement like this I cringe a little bit. Really … what are we saying here? Are we to believe that real sex can’t measure up to fiction? Is porn (let’s be honest, on some level this is what we are talking about) really that much more exciting than real flesh and blood? Can pornography producers deliver a better ideal of sex than what our spouses give us? The answer is … YES!!! What we do in real life can’t ever measure up to what we read or watch.

[Photos] iPhone 5S Unveiled: Cameras Get An Upgrade With New 120 FPS Slo-Mo Feature

iPhone 5s features advanced technologies custom designed for the iSight camera's hardware and software. So anyone anywhere can take an amazing photo at any time. It simply makes more sense to teach iPhone how to take a great picture rather than teach people how to be expert photographers. Here are just some of the capabilities of the new iSight camera.

It Happned On A Short Walk, About Free of Gay Porn

I was on a very short walk from my apartment to the college campus when I saw the protesters- ten or so men and women holding their signs up so everyone could read them. I didn’t particularly want to read them and from across the street I almost couldn’t read them, but I could make out two words that appeared on almost every sign: “God” and “Gays.”

Pastor Rod Poepping: What Do I Do When Asked If Masturbation Is OK

There is so much more to this question than just a cut and dry answer. I think when Pastors are approached with this question its easier to answer on the spot than in a blog. Answering this question takes having some background and some more information than just saying Yes or No. Lets look at some questions I have been asked through the years.

Shellie Warren: What Do I Do When I'm Starting to Feel Convicted About Having Sex While Having Sex?

I was having a conversation that I've found myself having a lot over the years. A young woman has been getting it on, hot and heavy, with her boyfriend for the past couple of years. Recently, she has decided to live a life of purity while still trying to keep the relationship going. The thing is, her boyfriend has not had the same kind of spiritual epiphany as she has and so therein lies the dilemma.

Jonathan Parnell: Is Anyone Sad for Ariel Castro?

On August 1 Ariel Castro was sentenced to life in prison plus 1,000 years for kidnapping three girls he locked in his home for a decade, which included torture and rape, and the murder of an unborn child. Yesterday, a little over a month after this sentence, Castro was found dead in his jail cell. He had hanged himself.

Mike Genung: Porn Makes Me Want More of the Hard Core Stuff

Once boundary lines are crossed, the consequences can be severe. STDs, broken marriages, lonely children who are set up for their own struggle with sexual sin because they stumbled on Dad’s porn stash, ruptured families, and, ultimately, the corruption of the church.

Jennie Lee: What Do I Do When I Can't Get Aroused Without Thinking About a Sex Scene?

What do I do? I sit in the dark. I don’t want to turn on any form of media. But then again, I want to feel excited, because it has been so long since I have been in a relationship with a real, live human being. It has been so very long since someone has embraced me. It has been so very long since someone has told me that they love me, that they feel excitement when they are around me.

NAE’s President Leith Anderson: Evangelicals Oppose Strike Against Syria

The National Association of Evangelicals (NAE) represents tens of millions of Americans from 45,000 churches and more than 40 denominations, universities, and institutions. Because of their broad reach, the NAE has historically been influential in the shaping of public policy at the national level. As Congress debates the possibility of military action, I asked Leith Anderson, president of the NAE, for a statement on the matter.

My Big Breakthrough Finally Came - Sinner or Slave

Most of my struggles with pornography began when I obtained very easy access to the internet, which was mainly throughout my 20's. I lived in that cycle, you know, the one of temptation, anticipation, failure, guilt, shame, a promise to never do it again followed by building temptation. I did all the things that you are supposed to do when you are trying to break this type of a habit, I told my wife about my struggles, I installed a program on my computer that emailed my best friend a list of