P. Ronnie Floyd: Pastors and Christian Leaders: It Is Time for the Next Great Awakening

By Vineworker

Everything in American life today points to our greatest need: the next great spiritual awakening in America. I believe there is a growing desperation rising up within the people of God and a continual expectation that God is going to do something great in our generation. I believe it is time.

It is time to cry out to God

I have now been part of leading prayer gatherings with over 1,500 pastors. In three of those four gatherings, my friend, Bill Elliff, talked about the importance of crying out to God. He uses an illustration that has captivated me each time he has used it. Let me tell it in my own words.

Imagine that you are called upon to pray for your daughter. As you pray, you would pray as any parent would, for all of God's blessings to be upon her life. While passionate, the urgency is non-existent. Let's suppose time passes and this same daughter is captured by a terrorist and no one knows where she is located. Your mind goes in one thousand directions at ninety miles an hour with all of the things that she could be going through. Now, when you pray for your daughter, how would you pray?

Without question, you would cry out to God with great passion and urgency! You would call out to Him in your complete brokenness and need. As your heart would be breaking, you would call upon Him with all you are to come and spare your daughter.

What does all this mean? This is the real condition of our lives, our families, our churches, and our nation. We are under the influence of a mighty terrorist named Satan, who has lied to and deceived us. It appears he is in charge.

Now in urgent desperation, we must cry out to God for our own spiritual lives! We must cry out to God for our own families! We must cry out to God for our churches! We must cry out to God for America!

There is no great movement of God that ever occurs that is not first preceded by the extraordinary prayer of God's people. Pastors and Christian leaders, it is time to cry out to God in brokenness and desperation. As urgency increases, we must believe with all we are, that the only answer for our nation is spiritual awakening.

It is time to unite together

While many who read this may not be Southern Baptists, I want to speak for a moment specifically to my brothers and sisters who are Southern Baptists. It is time for us to unite together for the purpose of crying out to God in extraordinary prayer for the next great spiritual awakening in our land. We cannot expect God to move in our midst if we operate in a culture where we are more carnal and splintered, than spiritual and unified. God blesses the unity of His people and the unity of His church! No one believed that more than Jesus Himself.

We must come together for the sake of our future. We must come together for the sake of America. We must come together for the sake of reaching all the nations. For this sacred effort, all of our selfishness, carnality, and personal preferences must die. It is time to unify in order to pray for the next Great Awakening.

It is time to accelerate the completion of the Great Commission

I am convinced it is time to come together in agreement, to pray in an extraordinary way, for revival personally, revival in the church, and spiritual awakening in our nation; so that the Great Commission will become escalated to its rightful priority and accelerated to its completion in our generation. Revival is the manifested presence of God. If experienced personally, God shows up in your life powerfully. If experienced in the church, a fresh, mighty power of God's presence comes upon the church. A spiritual awakening occurs when a region becomes God-conscious, resulting in great numbers of people coming to Christ.

If and when these things occur, and I am believing God for them to, we will see the Great Commission become our ultimate priority, and there will be a commitment to accelerate it to its completion in our generation. We will abandon ourselves completely for the purpose of seeing the gospel presented to every person in the world and to see disciples made in all the nations.

Yes, in our lives and our churches, and even within our Southern Baptist Convention, we need to see the Great Commission accelerated to its completion. Let's come together in Jesus' name, pray extraordinarily, and act upon the Word of God today. It is time for the next Great Awakening!


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Great Awakening, Ronnie Floyd