The Christian Mama's Guide to Praying For (and With) Your Friends

I often find myself telling friends that I'll pray for them... and then find myself spending 5 minutes of my time interceding for them before moving on to other things. But prayer can be so much more. Here are some tips on how to pray for (and with) your Friends

Duggar Family's Michelle Duggar on Helping Her Kids through a Crisis

I often say that the emotional traumas that kids go through in life aren't a matter of if but when -- kids are going to encounter trials; they're going to feel discouraged. And then how will they handle it? I encourage my kids to talk and think about it, take it to the Lord because he said, "Come to me all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest."

Birth Mothers: Real Heroes of The Pro-life Movement

What does it mean to be brave? Is it the doctor who dedicates himself to improving the health of a third-world nation? Is it the woman who faces her third round of chemotherapy to fight the progression of cancer? Is it the teacher who forgoes the comforts of a suburban school to reach minorities in the inner city? All of these are examples of bravery demonstrated in exceedingly challenging circumstances. And our society longs for stories of bravery to inspire us and fill us with hope.

How Duggar Family's Michelle Combines Character Building with Homeschooling

Besides learning the basics of homeschooling, like math and spelling, we work with our children on something called character qualities, which we think kids are never too young to begin learning about. There are 49 character-building qualities, and each quality has an opposite so that we can give our kids more of a reference point.

'19 Kids and Counting' Michelle Duggar on Raising a Strong-Willed Child

Well, I've had a couple of strong-willed ones go through here! I had one that really gave us a lot of challenges. We felt like we were going back and forth saying, "Don't do that," and they would say, "Why?" They would just push it again and again and I'd think, "They're never going to get it. It's just not getting through."

'19 Kids and Counting' Q&A: Michelle Duggar's Top Tips for Communicating with Your Kids

I think what's so interesting and amazing about parents is that I really believe God gives moms and dads the ability that no one else has to understand instinctively their children's needs. As a mom, I always try to have one-on-one conversations about how they're doing. Some of them are much more talkative and will take more time, but others you have to really pull it out of them.

Duggar Family's Michelle on Dealing with Difficult Children

We are around a lot of families, and a lot of children with different personalities. My older ones have learned and are able to graciously stand alone around external influences. But those younger ones so often can be sucked into bad behavior, bad words, and bad attitudes. Long before we ever get to that point, we talk about it together

'19 Kids and Counting' Michelle Duggar on Guiding Kids into Adulthood

The years between ages 11 and 16 can be especially challenging for children as they begin to become adults. Those are truly the most sensitive years for them. As parents, Jim Bob and I try to take the time to really open the lines of communication and let them know about the big changes they can expect. We tell them it's okay because we've all gone through those changes.

Duggar Family Michelle Duggar: Teaching Your Toddler to Communicate with Sign Language

Our little ones can get frustrated as they're learning to talk because they understand more than they're able to communicate with speech. They get what you're saying, but they're not able to really respond with words right away. Imagine how frustrating that would be! One way to help our little ones communicate while they learn to talk is through sign language. Instead of screaming for what they want, they learn a little sign language to help ask for things. Even though they might not be able spe

'19 Kids and Counting': Michelle Duggar on Teaching Young Adults about Modesty

Jim Bob and I have always talked openly with the kids about modesty and about my missteps as a young lady. It's important to teach them so they can learn from our experiences. When I was a teenager, I had no clue as to what men thought. My focus was just on drawing attention. I always wanted my girlfriends to think I had the cute outfit and the pretty hair. It was all about impressing my friends and not really realizing that there is a responsibility involved with that. Jim Bob is very open abou

Duggar Family's Michelle on Duggar Homeschooling: The Advantages of Online College Courses

We get a lot of questions about whether our kids are pursuing higher education and what online courses we use. For some of our high-school age and college-age kids our family really likes CollegePlus. The great thing about it is it's a distance learning program, for the most part, and then you have a coach who will come alongside you and assist you in studying and preparing for your courses.

Do You Have An Angry Child? Sinful Anger & Godly Anger

Anger is a difficult sin. Like an ice-breaker pushing huge chunks of ice in all directions, anger leaves a trail of broken pieces in its wake. Broken chunks of ice are good thing. Broken pieces of life – not so much.