Does Poverty Make Kids Mentally Ill?

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has been investigating the phenomenon for several months, according to a recent story in The Wall Street Journal. The study focuses on drugs like Abilify, part of the newest class of antipsychotics called "atypicals." Though Abilify is the no. 1 drug in the country, drugs like it are prescribed to the poor in highly disproportionate numbers.

Christian Healing Ministries: A Mother's Blessing

In an atmosphere of prayer, it is often quite powerful to have prayer ministers stand in the place of earthly parents to offer a loving hug and any words of affirmation the Lord would like to speak to this person.

Christian Healing Ministries: A Father's Blessing

From the moment of conception and throughout the formative years of childhood, the love and care of our mother and father play a critical role in our development. Unfortunately, in our fallen humanity, there are no perfect parents. Subsequently, many people carry wounds or voids they incurred early in life from one or both of their parents, such as unmet needs, absence, neglect, harsh words, or abusive behavior etc.

Austin: How My Pornography Exposure Evolved Into Addiction

This month, our theme is "Evolution", mainly, how someone's pornography exposure evolved into an addiction or a struggle. Today, I am telling Austin's story-a seventeen-year-old boy (whose name has been changed) whose first exposure to pornography was because of his father.

Andy: Staying Pure By Starting Early

Talking to kids about sex and purity can be awkward and stressful for all involved, especially the first few times. I mean, it seems like only yesterday that the kids were knee-deep in Barbies and Ken dolls. Now you have to talk about what happens if and when those two hook up.

Jamie: I'm a Girl and I Struggle with Porn

I was pretty shocked, devastated and ashamed when my parents discovered my porn addiction. I was a straight-A student; I was involved in my youth group; I was a good athlete. Overall, my parents thought I was on the right track, and I mostly was, which is why I wanted to keep my struggle buried from everyone around me.

Beth: Video Games Lead My Daughter to Porn

Our daughter is now sixteen (where does the time go?!?!), and she is recovering from a cyber-sex and pornography addiction. Firstly, I have to say that it hadn't really dawned on us that our little daughter could succumb to a sex-related addiction.

Cris: Having the Sex Talk

Kid's love visuals, so one way to break the ice and have the sex talk is to play a game of sex/purity family Pictionary. Or, another great idea is to grab a banana and a doughnut and explain what happens when a penis goes into a vagina. Or, of course, you could just give them a book about sex and instruct them to read it at their leisure.

Kevin: Your Children Need Internet Filters

So your 5th grade daughter is online looking for the latest scoop on the boy band One Direction. She types in a web address, accidentally misspells it, hits enter and WHAM! She's looking at a totally naked guy and girl doing something you hoped you wouldn't have to explain to her for a couple more years. Well, the sex talk is going to have to take place a little sooner that you hoped because she's got questions.

Cris: How Do I Deal with Teen Sexting?

Most parents I know don't want to come anywhere close to acknowledging their son or daughter could be mixed up in any way with teenage sexting, but chances are, even if your son or daughter are not creating a sext message themselves, they are pretty darn likely to receive or be forwarded a sext message during their tween and teenage years.

Cris: Protect Your Kids on Facebook

Part of the pace of our culture today involves capturing moments of our lives-whether in word or deed-to share with the rest of our worlds via Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and other social media platforms.

Kevin: How Do I Talk to my Kids About Sex?

So you're thinking it's about time to have "The Talk" with your kid. Hopefully you haven't waited to long to have the birds and bees discussion. If part of your planning for this event involves driving to their college you're a tad late.

Rissi: Porn Makes Me Scared for My Daughter

It wasn't until I became a mother and began to see the world through "mommy colored glasses" that I realized the major role porn plays in our children's lives and it breaks my heart and angers me.

Marissa Cope: She Went to Prison, I Went on Vacation - We Were Both 28 Weeks Pregnant

It was the week before my first Mother's Day - I was 28 weeks pregnant and headed to California to celebrate a "Babymoon" with my husband. We spent several days relaxing together, dreaming about what life will be like when we welcome our baby girl later this summer. That same week, Cherlie LaFleur went into custody at Lancaster County Prison on $1 million bail, accused of attempting to flush her 28-week old baby down the toilet after giving birth in her Pennsylvania high school bathroom, only

Teenagers, Sex Is Like Eating Popcorn?

Did you ever notice that a bowl of popcorn rarely sits half empty? Once you start eating it you don't stop until it's gone. Someone once said that having sex is like eating popcorn. Once you have become sexually active you just can't stop - or can you?

Pastor Rolfe Westendorf: Saying 'Yes' to Sex

Society has always had trouble with the subject of sex. Some societies like the Victorian have hidden the topic in a closet as if it did not exist. Sex went on as usual, including its rankest forms of abuse, but it was never mentioned in polite conversation. Other societies, including our own, have put sex on the front page and promoted sexual activity as the ultimate in pleasure.

Dr. Ryan MacPherson: Saved Sex Is the Only Safe Sex

As a teenager, I hear the media telling my peers and me about sex more than any other topic. I have to ask myself two questions: What are they telling us? And, are we listening? Overwhelmingly, they are telling us about "safe sex." And it seems we are listening. I don't have to cite statistics to prove that teenagers are having premarital sex and getting pregnant. Even in one of our own Wisconsin Synod high schools three recently graduating classes each had one girl who had given birth the summe

Brad Bigney: Counseling Teenagers About Masturbation

Jeremy sat slouched in the chair across from me as he attempted to find the right words to describe his struggle. His sagging spirit and angry outbursts had created alarm with his parents, who insisted he meet with me. A cloud of guilt and despair hovered in the atmosphere of my office. His eyes were cast to the floor, and his posture signaled that he'd long ago given up any hope of winning the battle.

Teenage Son Viewing Porn. What Should the Parent Do?

"We have a son whom we just recently found out he has been viewing porn. We have talked and prayed with him from a young age about porn and the dangers of viewing it. We have monitored his computer usage and continued to speak with him about the dangers but unfortunately did not know about your software until recently. We have installed your software on all home computers as well as his phone.

Male on Male Porn Stories With My Daughter

My 14 yo daughter has been repeatedly caught reading erotic male on male porn stories. I am divorced and my ex-wife and kids live in another state. We are not sure of what to do, and I am at the mercy of my ex-wife who wants to handle things her way

Lindsey Carlson: The Phrase that Enslaves Moms in Every Season

It was a hot summer morning, and I desperately needed to get out of the house. The kids were wild with boredom, and I longed for a little grown-up interaction, so I spent all morning trying to make a morning playdate while battling temper-tantrums, lost shoes, and lunch packing. I herded the kids like cats until they finally all piled into the van. When we all unloaded and descended on the playground, I felt like I'd run a marathon and someone should put a medal around my neck.

International Adoption: Where Are the Boys?

Today I was looking at pictures of children in international adoptions and then I realized that almost every child was a girl. I knew that a large number of girls are aborted in China due to the one child per family policy but didn't realize that it also influenced adoption too.