Pastor Dave Stone on Raising 'Selfless Kids': Honor Others Above Yourself

By Good News

Pastor Dave Stone is the best-selling author of "How to Raise Selfless Kids in a Self-Centered World." Stone is a father of three as well as the pastor of a 20,000-member congregation. He spoke with The Christian Post about the challenges of raising selfless kids and the influence of today's society.

The Christian Post: Where did the idea of raising selfless originate?

Pastor Stone: I've seen so many families where it's a child-centered home and everything revolves around "Junior." I don't think any parent sets out to raise a spoiled child, but if we're not careful, and society creeps in, it just kind of happens. We have to raise our kids with a counter-cultural mindset. The reason I wrote the book was because of the New Testament principle of honoring others above one's self.

I tell a lot of personal stories of things that have gone smoothly, and I share a lot of failures and mistakes we've made in the process. We see selfishness creep into the lives of our kids at a very early age. One of their first words is often "Mine!" To raise your kids to think of others, to share, ot reach out are radical thoughts but they are no different than what Jesus taught on the Sermon on the Mount. All the way through he's constantly telling us radical behaviors that mark us as Christ-followers. If parents model the way, your kids are more likely to be others-oriented. Read More at Christian Post.


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