Pastor's son Lived with a Drag Queen, but God's Truth Led him out of that Lifestyle

By James.B

SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA (ANS -- March 7, 2017) -- His father was a Southern Baptist minister with Elvis sideburns. As the oldest of four, he dutifully attended church with his family in Tennessee.

"Around the age of seven I felt a leading to give my life to Jesus," George Carneal recounts in his book, From Queer to Christ: My Journey Into the Light. After professing his faith in front of the congregation, his father baptized him.

Shy and effeminate, by fourth grade he was already being called names at school like "sissy," "queer," and "faggot." He was picked last for sports teams. He preferred to hang out with the girls and jump rope or play jacks.

As he got older, bullying became a constant. "I even got teased about the way I walked and carried my books (close to my chest)." School became a matter of survival for him.

In high school Carneal dated a few girls, but shied away from any attempt at romantic intimacy. "My attraction was toward boys," he admits, "but I didn't understand why."

From Queer to ChristAfter graduation, he had his first relationship with another young gay man. After the two had dinner together for the first time, he was asked, "Are you gay?"

"Yes, I guess I am," he replied, his head spinning with the implications.

As he came to grips with his feelings, his father went through a crisis at church and was voted down by the congregation and forced to resign.

In response, Carneal walked outside, looked up at the sky, and told God he hated him. Why would Christians do this to my dad? he wondered. From that moment on, he decided to stay away from church and he went headlong into the gay lifestyle.

Photo captions: 1) George Carneal. 2) His book. 3) Mark Ellis.


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