Pastors Want Youth Occult Books Removed from Library: ‘It’s Dangerous for Our Kids’

By Jocelyn Hu

Several Christians leaders in Texas are urging a local library to remove books for teenagers that deal with vampires and other 'demonic' content.

Phillip Missick, pastor of King of Saints Tabernacle in east Texas, recently testified at a Cleveland City Council meeting. According to local reports, Missick told city council members that a section of Cleveland's Austin Memorial Library is inappropriate, because it features dozens of books for teen audiences that deal with black magic and vampires.

"There are 75 books, according to the library, that deal with the occult in the teen section," Missick told city leaders, according to "On the top shelf, there is a demonic stuffed doll and a witch's hat."

Missick said he is not necessarily opposed to all books about the occult, but he believes the library has an excessive number of such books aimed at teenagers.


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