Planned Overs

Back in about 1978 a cookware salesman came through town. He had the latest stainless steel, waterless cookware. I went to several of his home parties where he would cook an entire meal for about twenty women using only one burner and several stacking pans. Quite impressive, I must say. In his spiel he used the idea that the food was so delicious when cooked with this miraculous cookware, you no longer had leftovers, you could make “planned overs”.

A few weeks ago my older sister was here visiting and we were eating one meal and planning the next and she said we could have “planned overs”. We got quite a laugh out of that.

After reflection on the many things going on in the world, in my community and in my own life, I decided that maybe we all needed to think “planned overs”. The economy has not gone quite as we all expected or hoped lately, but many of us still have our homes, our cars, etc. Things are tight, but we are getting by. Maybe it is time for a new plan!

When some things in my life have happened and I feel things are so bad, I too have had to stop and deal with what was left. I had a choice of living with either leftovers or “planned overs”. Do you suppose that is how Noah felt once the rain subsided and the ark found dry land? He trusted that God had a plan and he knew he would reveal it to him when the time was right.

There are too many instances in the Bible to mention, yet as we are told in Romans 8:28 And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him.

So, I end this article with a thought or more like a prayer. Lord, please let me trust you enough to take my leftovers and make them your “planned overs”! Amen!