Please don't tell Jesus because I need to tell him first

By Tercius

When I really think about it there are a lot of things in my life I have not discussed with Jesus. I am going to list a few. but please, please don't tell Jesus because I need to tell him first.

1. There was a time that I had a god before God the Father. It was alcohol. At one time I literally put it before anything. I need to ask His forgiveness of that fact.

2. I know that there have been times I owned something that was more precious to me at the time than God was, because for a long time God was not int my life.

3. I cannot count the times I have used His name in vain. This I am going to put a lump sum request for forgiveness. I pray that will suffice!

4. I have gone years without honoring the Sabbath. Even today there are times that I truly do not use this day to worship God as I should.

5. There were many times in my life that I was a disgrace to my parents and I never took the time to say I was sorry for times. They are both dead now, so I will just have to ask the Lord to forgive me and hopefully He will pass it on to them.

6. At least I can say I have never murdered anyone and have never had the desire to. I pray that holds out.

7. I never committed physical adultery, but the Lord said if you even thought about it, then you have committed it. GUILTY!!!!!!!

8. When I was young, my cousin and I would steal peaches from in front of the local grocery store on a regular basis, also some candy bars on occasion.

9.I am sure that at one time or another I accused someone else of doing something I did, like a brother or sister, in order not to be punished for it. Other than that I do not remember causing anyone harm in that way. If I have Lord I will just ask for forgiveness anyway.

10. There has been numerous times that I wished I had my neighbors (or anyone else) car, home, wife, and money, you name it, I have coveted it.

These are just a few of the things I need to have a very serious talk to the Lord about. As I said, don't mention it to Him because I think I need to tell Him myself. From here on out I think I will work harder on the shorter list of trying to spread the Good News and loving my neighbor as myself. Ok? Think about it.
God bless you all,

HE IS RISEN!!!!!! Gary