Quarterback of Chicago Bears Josh McCown, Accredits God for His Perseverance

By GospelVideo

Josh McCown, currently one of the quarter backs for the Chicago Bears, finds himself in a position as one of the starter quarter backs he may not have otherwise thought possible two years ago. When asked about the driving force behind his perseverance - he accredits everything into knowing that God has a plan for him.

Josh McCown is no alien to the football field, playing for eight professional teams. Yet the most valuable time for refining his skill wasn't on the field, but coaching high school football before he was drafted in 2011 for the Bears. 

McCown explains to The Mojo Show "It's amazing how much better you learn something when you teach it." He continues "I think it's the final step and final process of really something sinking in is giving it away and transferring it to someone else.

"When you're coaching it and you have to stop on the sidelines, you don't get to go out there as a player and get it done. The way you communicate to that kid is going to be an extension of how he plays and that's going to be a reflection of how you taught him. You really have to learn what you're doing and think about what you're doing to communicate in a way that gets that done."

The time he spent on the sidelines coaching gave him valuable lessons he now applies to the game. He battled out the Redskins with a 45-41 loss on Oct. 20. This was in the midst of a sustained groin injury by Jay Cutler, insomuch, McCown completed 59 percent of passes for 476 yards and three touch downs. By the way, he has only started two games since 2007, pretty good eh?

McCown, 34, draws on the source of strength for his perseverance "My faith plays a big part in it." He continues "Just trying to stay close and aware that God has a plan for my life and working through that."

He showcased a win against Green Bay Monday Night with a total of 272 passing yards and two touchdowns with a score of 27-20. He commented that he felt more comfortable that night than he has any other time in a NFL uniform. 

McCown looking ahead to Sunday against the Lions remarks, "We have a good idea of what they bring to the table." With confidence he declares "Points are going to be at a premium."