By Paul Dawn

“Your life was designed to be a mirror that reflects all the best things about Him to the world around you.”

I am re-reading “The Air I Breathe” by Lou Giglio and the above quote from page 19, of his book really touched my heart, opened my spirit and reminded me of the events of the last five years and how the Father has taken every bit of that which I have gone through, to reflect to others, to family, to friends, to those I meet everyday, the amazing peace, the rest, the hope that we can have, when we simply stay focused on Him.

That in the midst of the storms and in the battles of life, that we build a relationship with Him. That we can truly praise Him, that it is not simply a cliché, but a reality that is birthed within, as we yield to the Father, to the Lord and the Holy Spirit.

It is that hope that touches the lives of others because they see the reality of it in our everyday life. It is not theory, it is real, it is written on our hearts, it enables us to walk with Him, to build a relationship and intimacy with Him, with others, with family.

We are no longer what we where, we are becoming more and more like Him. As we yield to Him, we are being transformed, being changed, becoming a mirror, that reflects the Christ within.

Is it not time to reflect that reality, the reality of the Lord, not so much by words, but by the life that we live, at home, at work, in the marketplace.

Let your life reflect outwardly what the Spirit of the Lord is doing inwardly!

Till later,