Rejection's Cure

“I hate you, Momma! I wish I had never been born.”

“I wish you had never been born too. I never wanted you!”

Words spoken in anger, yet deep ugly wounds inflicted on the heart and soul of both individuals. Words seeking forgiveness cannot erase the scarring or doubt inflicted by those spoken in the passion of an argument. However in all honesty, this child’s wounds will leave emotional and spiritual scars for a lifetime. Questions and doubts will always remain deep within, were they ever really wanted?

Illegitimacy and untimely conceptions are issues other individuals deal with throughout their lifetime. They were unwanted and undesired by one or maybe even both birthparents. Infants abandoned at birth, or older children discarded as troublesome, just a worthless item to be pushed out of the way to make room for selfish desires. Other children have never known their birthfather; who rapidly made his escape once the pregnancy was discovered.

Rejection is one of the ugliest words on the face of this earth. Yet is happens everyday in the lives of multitudes throughout society. However, the deadliest form of rejection happens at birth and for some even sooner, at the instant of conception. I truly believe that deep within their spirit, an infant growing in the mother’s womb can sense the lack of love. They carry within their spirit the feeling of ‘never fitting in’.

Every person on the face of earth desires love and acceptance. We all need it, crave it, and long for it. Recently, on Dr. Phil, a young man confronted the mother who abandoned him at age ten at a park. He just wanted why. Why was he left to fend for himself, especially since she took his sister? Deeply scarred emotional by this major event in his life now years later, he longed for an answer. However, no clear reason came from the encounter. Dr. Phil told him just to let it be in the past.

Unfortunately, in today’s society there seems to be an epidemic of rejection. It creates in individuals a sense of worthlessness and hopelessness. They live in the knowledge that if their own parent did not want them, who would? Fortunately, there is an answer. It is in His word, a promise and acknowledgement that no matter how we were conceived He longed for us.

But now, thus says the LORD, who created you, O Jacob, And He who formed you, O Israel: “Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by your name; You are Mine. Isaiah 43:1

Those few words in this verse should fill a void left in many hearts. The One who created this whole universe created you. It goes further to say ‘He formed you,’ like the master potter forms a beautiful vessel of great worth. He has made a way of redemption, through the blood of His own son Jesus.

The next phrase brings indescribable joy to many hearts and prayerful to anyone reading this. ‘I have called you by name’. Think about that for a moment. He shouted your name down through time. This awesome God beckoned Tom, Sally, Sue, John, David, and Al. He cried out for Jessica, Linda, Evelyn, Sarah and the list just continues. Each one who has already accepted the gift of salvation heard the Lord calling their name. What a wonderful gift of knowledge that you were called by the name by the One who never rejects His child.

The last three words should cause a weary heart to jump in excitement. These are some of the sweetest words on the face of this earth. What unquenchable joy to hear our heavenly Father say, “You are Mine!”

Regardless of any previous rejection that happened in the past, He claims you as His own. He called you by name. You are not an accident; even before time began, He planned for you. What a comfort to grasp hold of, to know that no matter what the conditions were of any individual birth the Lord God Almighty called you by name and you are His.