Dating Opens Doors to Our Hearts - Look in Rearview Mirror at The Dating Scene

Often as women, we don’t have prepared plans for relationships; instead we use our experiences as guides. The dating scene is a great example of when to have a proactive plan. Dating opens garage doors to our hearts that not many of us had realistic ways to protect prior to that first date. The truth is many women began going on dates as girls who were simply following a cultural initiation without an intimate understanding of what you’re even in search of.

Do You Have Any Boundaries to Overcome Porn?

One of the most important keys to overcoming porn is boundaries. Most of us don’t like that word because we feel like it confines us. I will be the first to admit I feel that way. We have dreams of wide open spaces, living life to the fullest and like I heard a guy once say “ I’m going to live my life with no boundaries.”

Addiction And Depression Are Best Friends

Depression is nothing new to me; it’s been an ongoing battle for as long as I can remember. Behind my smiles, laughter, positivity, and bubbly personality lies an aching sadness, rotting me from the inside out. The lure of a life free from all the pain, a life where I could start all over again, lurking around the corner, taunting me to come try it.

3 Reasons Why People Might Look at Porn

1) I’m lonely. I don’t find enough fulfillment in the real life relationships I have. I just have a need for the good feeling I get when I am sexually satisfied.

Sex Within Marriage Is God's Gift, Porn Is Mockery

Men are built for relationships. God made Humanity to be in a relationship with Him. The bible tells us God started this in the Garden of Eden with Adam, the first man. God noticed that it wasn’t good for Adam to be alone so God made Eve, the first woman. Together Adam and Eve lived in a perfect love triangle with God. Open, intimate, and pure until Adam and Eve chose to sin.

Porn Is Poison to the Mind and Spirit

SHELLIE HERE: Some of you may wonder why there are men that blog in the women's section. It's because I am a firm believer in the saying, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" and I'm hoping that, in the men sharing on this side of the site, a girl that's dating a guy who has a porn addiction will, not necessarily end the relationship, but will *definitely* be REALISTIC about how it is affecting her significant other.

"Pure Eyes: A Men's Guide to Sexual Integrity"- Daily Prayer

As you understand the true nature of Scripture, your prayers will have much deeper meaning to both you and God. In following God’s scriptural expectations for you, you will have the confidence and certainty of heart to ask God openly for the blessings he promises his followers.

What Do I Do When I Get Too Cozy with a Co-Worker

We tend to make friends in a variety of places, one of those places being our jobs. But what do you do when you find yourself getting too close with a coworker? You might be in a relationship or even married (and/or they might be as well) but you find yourself thinking about them more often. You find yourself having more feelings for them than you should. You find yourself swinging by their area at work more often. This is bad.

Finding Some Real Men to Help You Out of Porn Addiction, Iron Sharpens Gridiron

Remember when the NFL referees were on strike last year and were replaced with unexperienced counterparts? Remember the resulting blown calls? If you don't, I can tell you who does: Green Bay Packers fans, because the replacement refs blew a call on the final play one particular Monday night that gave the Seattle Seahawks a victory over the Packers.

The Hookup Culture Also Hurts Our Boys

When we discuss the growing trends of young people engaging in the “hookup culture” – casual sex and sexual acts outside of marriage – we often speak of the damage it does to girls. There’s good reason for that, obviously – young women often feel great pressure to go along with certain behaviors and later pay a high price for it in terms of sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy and emotional wounds.

Thanksgiving Dinner Thankful for Accountability

It's that time of year again... the time where everyone gathers to eat delicious foods and go around the table to say what they're thankful for--family, friends, good job, new baby on the way--but for most, the word “accountability” will probably not get mentioned at Thanksgiving dinner.

Rescued. Ransomed. I Am “The 1″… - My Hope America

As My Hope America staff, we work very hard to make sure that the database works, that the materials are all shipped, that expenses are paid and that we say and do all of the right things to make My Hope America align with the ministry of Billy Graham and with the Gospel. But, will we actually be Matthews? Will we share our faith

Anne Graham Lotz: Thankful for My Father Who Knows

My daddy is hard of hearing, so I'm never sure I'm actually communicating with him when I call him on the telephone. Because my life is now somewhat restricted by the need to stay in close proximity to my husband, I have not been able to get away and see my father as frequently as I have tried to since Mother went to Heaven. It's sad to me, since it's in those sweet, face-to-face encounters that I get a sense of how much he hears of what I say.

Bible Discourages Sex before Marriage: How About Kissing?

Most Christians know that the Bible discourages sex before marriage, but questions arise when we ask if kissing is a sin. Like many issues we face today there is no black and white answer to whether or not kissing is a sin, but instead we have to ask God to guide us in the direction He wants us to follow.

Addictive People: Being In A Fellowship, More Is Better Than One

We are entering what, for many people, is a very difficult time of the year. Summer is long gone, winter is approaching, things are getting a bit more hectic, and Christmas is looming on the distant horizon. It's not a fun and exciting season like spring and summer, full of sports, vacations, lazy days, and the like.

Greg Laurie: The Ultimate Friendship You Can Have

It has been said that it takes a long time to grow an old friend. I have friends going back 35 years. When you have known someone a really long time, you have a friendship that has stood the test of time. Even if you haven't seen those friends for a while, you can pick up where you last left off. I have friends that I may not have seen for two years, but when I get together with them, we start telling the same old, lame stories and laughing at them.

"Her Acceptance of Me And Hope in Jesus Christ That Day Healed Me"

I know all about the shame. The worry that the computer will freeze when she comes around the corner. The fear that you won’t hear them coming down the stairs. I remember. What about not being able to look an extremely attractive girl in the eyes, for fear of becoming too “excited”? What about the fear of looking your own mother or pastor in the eyes, for fear that they just “know”? I’ve been there.

From Persecutor to Repentant Christian

Everybody thought he was dead. He simply had to be dead. Nobody could have survived the blast of the bomb that the Colombian army had detonated. Both soldiers and his illegally-armed comrades knew that no human could have survived such a cataclysmic attack. Surely the explosion had blown apart his body, for no one had found any trace of his human remains.

Porn Makes Me Set the Limit of Expectations Too High- By Jennifer D., XXX Church

It’s interesting…the longer I write these blogs, the more open I am about doing so. Out of authentically sharing myself and this ministry with those close to me, my friends, family and acquaintances, in return, share their stories of being addicted to and afflicted by porn. A common theme is how porn makes them set the limits too high in their relationships.

Debra Fileta: 7 Tips for “Christian Dating”

First of all, the fact that the title of this post starts with the number seven (which symbolizes perfection or completion in Scripture) is a coincidence. The words below didn't fall from heaven. Seriously. With that said, I have found the following tips helpful when it comes to thinking about and approaching dating as a Christian.

Good vs Bad Shame, Push Us Toward God Or Away From Him

We were taught by our families, churches, schools, peers, close friends, and media what they thought was right and wrong about sex. We learned boundaries. We learned the consequences of making wrong choices when it comes to sex. We also learned the expectations of others when it came to sex. These boundaries and expectations may or may not be in line with God’s design, but the fact is, we have learned them.

Renee' Story: Porn Makes Me Feel Pressured to Push Past Limits

Honestly, it's been years since porn was a factor in my life in any way. I prefer it that way too. Thinking back on my past with it does not feel like warm, fuzzy memories but more like a rotten, illicit affair that ended badly. You see, I grew up with two very different parents. One that never talked about sex and one that shared too much when I was too young. From that, I grew up with a lot of questions and no safe source for answers.

Interview: Jim Caviezel of 'Person of Interest', who Plays Crime Fighter John Reese

Jim Caviezel was Jesus in the 2004 film, Passion of the Christ, a role that comes along once in a life time. But "B.C.," the actor played memorable parts in movies like Pay it Forward and Frequency. These days Caviezel is seen most often on the small screen, starring in the hit CBS series "Person of Interest" (Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET), in which he plays

Don't Let Porn Isolate You, Cut Off

A few weeks ago, I was sitting with a good friend of mine explaining to him a difficult decision I was facing in my life. I wasn't sure what to do; I definitely wasn't happy where I was, but I wasn't looking forward to taking the steps I would have to take to move forward either.