Recognizing I Have A Problem Is Not Difficult Once Pride Is Removed

My family and I recently moved, leaving one modest home for another closer to my kids’ school, as well as my office. With the move came a larger lawn, which we have been happy to have. New neighbours came with the move as well, and one of them blessed us with his lawnmower. He saw me using my old reel mower, and took pity…

I Wonder How Has Pornography Addiction Affected A Church Staff

The call upon a pastor is not to be taken lightly. The pastor has a heavy burden to live life as pure as can be. They should be the ones fleeing from pornography, not diving head first into it. They should be above reproach, not the ones whose actions are looked on with suspicion. Because of the actions of one staff member, an entire ministry was called into question.

Though Married to A Porn Addict, My Faith And Trust Solely Be in The Lord

I am not a woman small in stature. There are certain positions that my voluptuous body just will not allow itself to be placed in without excruciating pain. My body is imperfect with cellulitis and dents in certain areas that I prefer not to mention. Why would I compare myself to some of the women in the porn videos my husband watches and feel as though I can never measure up?

Deborah Wipf: How Your Accounting Department Supports the Vision

In the spotlight this week is the lonely accounting / finance department. I say lonely because no one really likes visiting these folks (sorry, but you know it's true!). They hold the purse strings, ask lots of questions and sometimes tell you "no." I used to work in a non-profit's accounting office, so I know of which I speak! Your accounting personnel love your organization just as much as the front-line folks. They just show their commitment in different ways - here are a few examples:

John Piper: Pornography: The New Narcotic

The new narcotic. Morgan Bennett just published an article by this title. The thesis: Neurological research has revealed that the effect of internet pornography on the human brain is just as potent - if not more so - than addictive chemical substances such as cocaine or heroin.

Open Yourself Up, Who Are You Telling Your Secrets To?

This week, while doing some content producing for a friend of mine’s blog, I peeped the story about Robert Kennedy Jr.’s secret 398-page diary (heads up, if you write anything down, it’s not really a secret anymore). I found it interesting that he referred to his many illicit affairs with many women, during his marriage, as being his “lust demons”. And while some of you may think that this blog is going to be on adultery, it’s actually not.

Max Lucado: Why Does God Allow War?

Some of you love to work with jigsaw puzzles. You take a jumble of disconnected pieces and arrange them in the right order. Certain folks are so proud of their work they glaze and frame the finished product. Easy to understand why. The tedious task of interlocking the curves and the humps at just the right place can result in a satisfying and beautiful picture.

Oswald Chambers: The Place of Humiliation(Mark 9:22)

After every time of exaltation, we are brought down with a sudden rush into things as they really are, where it is neither beautiful, poetic, nor thrilling. The height of the mountaintop is measured by the dismal drudgery of the valley, but it is in the valley that we have to live for the glory of God.

Greg Laurie: Where Is The Green-eyed Monster From

Greg Laurie points to Cain in warning that 'envy can strangle us' It has been said that history is a space in which Cain's acts ultimately became assault rifles, smart bombs and thermonuclear weapons.

I Almost Had An Emotional Affair: Love, Lies & Lust on the Internet

It started innocently enough I suppose… I meet a new “friend” on Facebook. We’d never met in real life although we were both local, with over 40 mutual friends. My new friend is quite funny, and cute too. A few months into our friendship, JD (name changed to protect the guilty) sends me a private message with a link to a love song and the note, “Check this out.”

Natalia Ginzburg Quote: "No adultery is bloodless."- By Jennie Lee, XXX Church

This particular situation is close to my heart because I have been the person crying and confused over this exact scenario. Honestly, my relationship with God has become stronger because He has guided me through my feelings and self-inflicted guilt due to becoming involved with a man who has an ex-wife and two small children. I will venture to say that EMOTIONS wreck the most havock on a heart, and leave every other spiritual tool helpless on the journey.

Jennifer D's Heart-broken Story: He's Married, But Not to Me

My story isn’t that different from many others. I was firm in the fact that I was going to remain a virgin until I was married. At 18, I was raped during my freshman year of college, so I was no longer a physical virgin (statistically, that is the case for 1 in 3 or 1 in 4 girls - depending on the source). That really caused a mountain to work over, but remaining steadfast in my vow to consensually remain a virgin until marriage wasn’t hindered.

Sex is a Bad Thing When...

Jackie Kennedy was not only the First Lady, but she was also the epitome of class and style. So it’s no wonder she said, “Sex is a bad thing because it rumples the clothes.” Maybe in the heat of the moment her clothes ended up scattered on the floor. So when she went to put them back on, they didn’t have that clean crisp look she was famous for. She looked rumpled.