Chreaster Dads

These dads only come to church with their families on the two biggest Christian holidays: Christmas and Easter. Hence the term “Chreaster”.

Bell and Whistles

I was saddened to learn of Rob Bell's decision to affirm Gay marriage. It was particularly disheartening for me because I believe in God’s never-ending love for all. Bell came out as a sort-of-spokesman for that view with his book, Love Wins.

An Early Christmas Present for Religious Liberty

Religious liberty received an early Christmas present a few weeks back when the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals issued its opinion in Freedom from Religion Foundation, Inc. v. City of Warren. The opinion gives a new take on what is now a familiar legal story.

Why do we "pick on" homosexuals?

The common argument people come at me with is, "gays were born that way." The common response in opposition to that statement is, "Being Gay is a choice". It is always a shock when I respond differently and say "yes, you were born that way."

Ice Cold Words

It’s nothing to brag about, but I have bull’s-eye accuracy with my tongue. Skewering people with verbal daggers isn’t the best way to reflect the love of Jesus, so it was no coincidence that I ended up in a Bible study hearing a message about the impact of my words.

If You Love Jesus, "Like" This Post

The title of this post is one of the dumbest, most worthless phrases I see in social media today. It’s a cheap, easy way to jack up your “likes” without offering any real substance whatsoever.

I Lost My Train of Thought

We’re building a society that has the attention span of a turnip! Commercials, road signs, drive through dining, and high-tech everything makes us think, read, eat and operate at high speed. I haven’t tested this theory, but I am suspicious that stop lig

Gettin' The Giggles

It happened. Suz and I got the giggles. Not just a little tee, hee. But the fall to the ground, eyes watering, can’t talk giggles..

How Dare You!

Actions speak louder than any words. If you’ve ever dealt with animals, you know it takes more than just a kind suggestion to get their full cooperation..

A Carpenter's Daughter

After wiping the sweat from his furrowed brow, the sounds of laughter echoed throughout the carpenter’s thoughts..

Locked Up

I have received several emails over the last three months from people who have relatives and friends who are locked up in jail..

Adding Fuel to the Fire

One of the hardest things for us to do is to be quiet when someone is attacking us with cruel and harsh words..

Kindness First

Yesterday someone sent me an email telling me that I had made an error in a Scripture reference in my devotional..

Hungry for More

An unbelievable silence filled the air as one of the women speakers quietly spoke into the microphone. “Ladies, we will see you in the morning. Good night and God bless.”

A God of Compassion

Last night as I was remembering how God saved the Israelites by casting Pharaoh and his chariots into the Red Sea (Exodus 15: 3 – 5), I realized that..

Watching Our Words

A young man arrived early to pick up his girlfriend for their date. She ran to the door with wet hair and no makeup on her face. She was embarrassed and tried to..

The Lonely American

According to a recent study, there is a plague of loneliness sweeping our country today. This outbreak of isolation has infected our closest relationships..

Taming the Tongue

Several years ago, our family was invited to a party at someone’s house. After we were done eating, a group of adults started playing volleyball. Meanwhile, the children gathered into groups..

Breaking the Bonds of Bitterness

In 1930, The Chicago Examiner ran a strange story about a man named Harry Havens, who went to bed and stayed there for seven years, with a blindfold over his eyes, because he was angry at his wife..

Emotional Therapists

I went to my doctor a couple of days ago and he said that my arthritis had gotten worse and that I have “severe degenerative osteoarthritis in both legs and in my back”. He prescribed a strong pain medicine for me and..

Shattered Pieces

It happened so quickly, yet I braced myself for the loud crash that followed. I watched helplessly as the bowl careened to the floor..

You are His

Have you ever wondered why you are here? Why were you born? In the grand scheme of life, where do you fit? All of us have from time to time struggled with those questions..

Faithful Wounds

Pain comes into each and every life. Physical, mental or emotional pain, but pain just the same. Often that pain is inflicted by a loved one or even a close friend, even through..