Return to the Hiding Place

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By Janey DeMeo, Special to ASSIST News Service

bgraham and CorrieVISTA, CA (ANS - June 23, 2015) -- If you were inspired by Corrie ten Boom's story as portrayed in The Hiding Place, then you'll surely love the movie Return to the Hiding Place.

Based on Hans Poley's autobiography of the same name, the true story of Return to the Hiding place provides a more in-depth look at what Dutch Christians-including Corrie ten Boom and her sister Betsy-did to rescue Dutch Jews in Holland during the Holocaust.

Hans Poley and fellow students are deeply disturbed by the horrific persecution of Nazis towards the Jews. They cannot sit by and watch and so they turn their youthful zeal to form their own Resistance Army-risking their own lives.

These untrained young resistance fighters live clandestinely in Corrie ten Boom's home and embrace dangerous challenges as they set out to rescue as many Dutch Jews as possible from the Holocaust.

Return to the Hiding Place stresses positive values and shows how the virtues of unity, endurance, perseverance and faith can change the course of history. Interesting, inspiring and sobering at the same time.

The movie was directed and produced by the father daughter team of Peter C. Spencer (Heroes of the Titanic, Justice for the Wounded) and Petra Spencer Pearce ("Heroes of the Faith"), and its prolific cast includes John Rhys-Davies (Indiana Jones, Lord of the Rings), Craig Robert Young ("NCIS: LA," "Hawaii Five-O"), David Thomas Jenkins ("CSI: Miami," "Bold and the Beautiful"), Rachel Spencer Hewitt (Fly by Night, A Civil War Christmas) and Mimi Sagadin (The Dilemma).

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Photo captions: 1) Corrie ten Boom with Billy Graham, whose film company made the original version of The Hiding Place. 2) Janey DeMeo

Janey DeMeoAbout the writer: Janey DeMeo is founding-president of Orphans First-a Christ-centered non-profit ministry helping underprivileged children around the world. She is an author, freelance writer and Bible teacher-and has worked with husband as a church-planter in France. 

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