No Jesus Equals No Christmas

It is with sadness that I write this devotional because of what I read in the paper this morning. I read, I don’t remember where it was, that a manager scene has been displayed without Jesus..

His Broken Heart

God sent His Son out of a heart of love for us but His heart was broken because He missed His Son so much. He watched as His Son was rejected, criticized, mocked and scorned..

Thank You

As we gather with family and friends today to celebrate Thanksgiving, let us not forget to thank God for all He has done for us and continues to do for us every day. The greatest thing He has ever done for us was sending His only Son to die a sacrificial

A Gift of Love

Christmas is next month and we will be celebrating the gift of love. God opened His heart and sent His only Son into the world to become our Saviour. Not only is Jesus our Saviour, He is our best friend, comforter, encourager and companion..

A Reminder of His Care

Thanksgiving will be here in a couple of weeks and we will be gathering together to celebrate the day. When we sit down to eat, let us not forget to give thanks to Jesus for His daily care. He went before the people in a pillar of the cloud by day and..

Make Each Day Special

Christmas is next month. Children are excited knowing they will receive gifts. They probably are behaving better now than they have all year. Not only should we make Christmas special for them..

The Greatest and Most Expensive Gift

Christmas is next month and we are thinking about what gifts to buy for our families, loved ones and friends. One day, God opened His heart and gave us the greatest and most expensive gift..

Praise and Thanksgiving

I jumped the gun on Thanksgiving last month because I had such a wonderful praise report concerning my wife Brenda’s healing from cancer. I just couldn’t wait until November to give thanks, though this is the month we in America set aside for a national d

what About My Birthday

This afternoon as I was looking for something in the newspaper, I saw a box that had celebrity’s birthdays for today. How this must hurt Jesus and break His heart because when it is His birthday it isn’t listed..

All That Stuff

Two friends were talking and one friend said to the other one “Merry Christmas and all that stuff”. How this statement must have pierced the heart of God and Jesus just as if..

Staying Free

It is for freedom that Christ has set us free.

A Mighty Rushing Wind

Let us celebrate Pentecost this week. It is a very big day for believers, well deserving of more than just a passing nod.

An Easter Opportunity - Al Boyce

Churches everywhere are preparing for the onslaught of "ticket punching" Christians who only show up for Christmas and Easter.

The Tale Of Two Turkeys

Two turkeys once lived in a pen with several other turkeys. One turkey was the biggest and finest in the flock.

The Secret of Thanksgiving

The definition of a secret is something hidden or confidential. Many of the principles of a happier and more fulfilling life are not technically a secret,...