Sex Follows Love, It Never Precedes It

By Jocelyn Hu

 "Sex follows love, it never precedes it." - Sophia Loren

It's spring break, and these words will fall deaf upon a generation of over-expressive young adults, indulging themselves to their hearts desire. Guys looking for the next lay will find it. Girls looking for companionship, will find, if just for a night. And in a week, all will be behind them, but surely not forgotten. A somewhat simple, fleeting choice, can stick with a person the rest of their life.

Let me throw something out there for you. In just the two weeks during spring break, there will be over 700,000 new cases of STDs. In that same time span, over 153,000 women will become pregnant.

God's plan is for love to last, and never be fleeting. For love to be true, and not simple. For love to bring joy, not years of consequences. Yet for the millions of spring breakers enjoying their two weeks of uninhibited bliss, love will be missed. Sex will be found for sure, but love will be left on the side of the road.

May you choose today a love that lasts forever. A love that waits. A love that finds neither party seeking. And once that love is sealed in marriage, may you find a whole new world of joy, one that doesn't last two weeks, but rather a lifetime.

Russ Cantu is a fourteen year ministry pastor, who for the past seven years has been serving the families of Prescott Church Modesto. As a dynamic communicator of God's Word, Russ speaks into the lives of students and families on a daily basis, aiming to draw them closer to God and one another in sound biblical truth. Why XXXChurch? Russ has been a strong supporter of XXXChurch since its inception almost ten years ago. He has personally seen it turn people's hearts to God through support, healing and ongoing relational accountability. 


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