Stairway To Heaven?

By Grace

This Sunday we learned about the Tower of Babel (Genesis 11). A few chapters ago in Genesis, when Noah, his family, and all the wildlife came out of the ark, God commanded them to be fruitful and increase in number upon earth. Now as people increased on earth and developed one common language, their hearts grew more arrogant. Instead of multiplying all over the earth, they stayed in one place and eventually started to consider themselves greater than God. Hence they began building a tower that could reach the heavens. The Lord was very displeased, so He confused their language and scattered them from there over all the earth (Genesis 11:7-8).

As the teacher recounted the story of the Tower of Babel, she constantly reminded our kids that we, as creation and children of God, ought to give glory to our Creator always, for He has given us everything. We live to glorify Him, not ourselves. The kids memorized a Bible verse with hand motions from Philippians 4:20, “Give glory to our God and Father, for ever and ever. Amen” (NIRV). To better explain the act and purpose of glorifying God, the teacher used the comparison between showing off (for example, our heights or talents) and giving glory to God.  At the end of the message, she stressed once more the conceited heart of the builders of Tower of Babel to try to reach the heavens. We don’t need a stairway or a tower to do so, she said. All we need is Jesus. Through Jesus we can come face to face with our Heavenly Father and receive eternal life in Him. One of our lovely kids responded immediately, “Heaven needs to come down!” Indeed, let us earnestly pray that the Kingdom of God will come to those with a pure heart like that of these blessed children.

After story time, the teacher also showed the animation of the Tower of Babel, from the DVD of The Jesus Storybook Bible. This Sunday’s creative activity asked Immanuel kids to build a tower of their imagination. Using only paper cups, the kids were to collaborate with partners and think of ways to build the tallest and sturdiest tower. Not only did these children take a glimpse at the most basic of architecture (or structural engineering even, haha), they also learned a precious lesson of sharing and co-working with your siblings and friends.

To build something together requires having a united heart with God and a proper communication. The builders of the Tower of Babel did not please God with their intention and therefore could neither finish the tower nor communicate in the same language. Let us pray that our kids can have their hearts aligned with the heart of God, and that they may succeed in building relationships with parents and one another on the foundation of the Truth, so that they may glorify God and reach the heavens with their pure, innocent love for Him.


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