Story of Russian Educator Len Stolyarchuk and Christian Education in Russia

By Vineworker

LONDON, UK (ANS) -- In November of 2013, I was invited to be one of the keynote speakers at the annual Christian Education Conference in Leicester, and there I had the privilege of meeting with Len Stolyarchuk from Moscow, Russia.

Len, as I soon discovered, heads up the implementation and development of Christian Education or, as it is known in Russia and the USA, "The School of Tomorrow" program, which hails from Texas, USA. It is used all over the world and is the program we use in our school here in North London, as well as our schools in Sri Lanka.

After the conference, Len later joined me in London for a break, and we managed to persuade him to talk to our morning assembly. I was fascinated as I listened to how large the program is in Russia. Our children were also captivated as he told them it took just as long to fly from Moscow to his furthest school in Russia - in Vladivostok -- as it did to fly from Moscow to New York.

I think though, what impressed the children in our London School the most, was when Len told them that he used to be a KGB agent before God had other ideas for his life. That, maybe, is another story.

It was fascinating to hear of the work being done; values, right ethics and life purposes being learned by students in Russia, and other surrounding states.

Students at the International School of Tomorrow, Moscow

Training in Vladivostok

During our time together in London it was fun to take Len to our local Greek Restaurant. Our waiter, who I know well, comes from Latvia so I said to her quietly, "This man is Russian, do you speak the language?"

"Of course" she told me, just as well in English, "I will serve him in Russian," and so took his order in Russian. I would say "only in London," but I am sure that I will get lot of comment to the contrary, but a nice touch, I thought.

I am sure that Len would love to hear your encouragement of the great work that is being done in Eastern Europe, and maybe you would like to have a look. There are currently more than 90 schools using this program in Russia. Len looks after the Baltic States as well; Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, where there are also schools. In fact, Len told me that the schools that they have, using Christian Education in this way, serves around 7,000 students! Of course, when you think of the size of Russia, that is just a drop in the bucket.

Connect to him on Facebook at  or have a look at their school web site. It is well worth the visit. The links are in Russian and in English,

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