Reaches 170 Strip Clubs Each Year--One Team of I Am Treasure Ministry

By GospelVideo

I can't stand to pass by a strip club without knowing that the women are being reached. That is why my team personally reaches women in about 170 clubs each year.  That's how many clubs there are in LA and Vegas combined.

At one point in 2003, I seriously considered renting a motor home and driving to every strip club across the US.  There are women all over this nation, all across the globe really that are feeling trapped and alone like I once was.  And I have a heart to reach every single one of them.

I love motor homes and cross-country trips, but I quickly realized that this was not going to be the most effective way to see women in the sex industry reached and restored.  For this sort of outreach to truly impact lives, I strongly believe that it has to be done at a local level, by people in the community.  This is why the vision of Treasures is inextricably connected to the local church.

I believe it is the role of the local church on this planet to be a place where people who are hurting and broken can come to find healing and restoration through a genuine relationship with Jesus.  I believe that it is the role of the local church to be the hands and feet of Jesus, meeting people's practical and spiritual needs. I believe it is the role of the church to help people live in freedom and to discover and pursue God's purpose for their lives, knowing that when we are free and walking in purpose, we are positioned to enhance the freedom of others.

I think I have communicated how much I love the local church and how vital I believe it is! :)

In the early stages of Treasures, it became clear to me that the best way to see that every woman in the sex industry is effectively reached, it would involve the local church stepping in and reaching the women in their community.

So after we got a couple of years of getting some outreach experience under our belts, in 2006, we began training leaders to reach women in the sex industry in their communities.

After training a few dozen ministries, many of which continue to run thriving ministries, we realized that there was also a need for ongoing support and mentoring. Once these women returned to their communities and started doing outreach under the umbrella of their local church, they were left with questions about things like fundraising, training and recruiting volunteers, and what to do when you get that first call from a woman you reached in a club.

Through the Treasures Trainings we provide 2  Training Conferences each year, developing 20-30 people each time. These leaders are trained to do strip club ministry in their cities across the U.S.  Through our Facebook Forum and Leadership Blog, outreach leaders will continue to receive input and training to help them launch effective and sustainable outreaches in their communities.

God never ceases to amaze me. What started as a small grassroots effort to reach women in the sex industry in LA has turned into something far greater than I could ever imagine.  I love the fact that each leader that we train and develop represents an entire community of women who will be reached and impacted!  And each time a woman is reached and her life transformed, she has the potential to reach and impact the people in her sphere of influence!

As much as I love motor homes, God's plan for this ministry is working out much better! Imagine that:)

Love, Harmony

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