'The Answer To Anger' June Hunt Offers Biblical Hope, Practical Help in New Book

By Amy

June Hunt, founder and CEO of Hope for the Heart, an international biblical counseling ministry and award-winning Christian radio broadcaster, shares her expert advice about understanding and dealing with anger in her newly released book, The Answer To Anger: Practical Steps to Temper Fiery Emotions.

In her book, Hunt provides biblical wisdom for those who are struggling with their own anger, or are hoping to understand and resolve the anger they see in their spouse, children, families and friends who are hurting due to unresolved emotional wounds. Hunt walks readers through the journey of accepting anger as a valuable tool, a warning light, to alert everyone that the anger is merely a symptom of a deeper pain, frustration, fear or concern.

Hunt doesn't condemn anger. In fact, she told The Christian Post in a recent interview that "it's God who gave us the capacity to be angry, and there can be a justifiable time to be angry. Ephesians 4:26 says, 'be angry, but do not sin - don't let the sun go down while you are still angry.' Anger should propel you to action to find out what is wrong, and to deal with and fix what is wrong, and to deal with it in a healthy way."

According to Hunt, many Christians have been taught that anger is a sin. "Well, if that's the case, then Jesus is a sinner and it would make God a sinner, and obviously that's not the case. What we have to understand is there's appropriate anger, and so we need to correct the confusion. In other words, we need to look at the whole counsel of God. If we look at the whole counsel of God, we see that, at times, Jesus had indignation. Indignation means that it's a kind of anger that is provoked by something that appears unjust. And, therefore, it's a justified anger."

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