The Father’s Love

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By Janey DeMeo, Special to ASSIST News Service

VISTA, CA (ANS - July 14, 2015) -- Some stories are not fast-paced drama, but they are believable and inspiring. The Father's Love is one of those films. The characters seem authentic and the plot is raw and relatable -- especially to young people hoping to find true love.

Filmmaker Sarah, played by Angela Lin, enjoys her new life in New York where she keeps herself busy with work and socializing with friends. But, while all seems to be ok on the surface, deep inside she bears the scars of a broken past and unanswered childhood questions about love.

Then along comes Reece (Erik McKay) -- a handsome and charming man who woos Sarah's heart and sweeps her off her feet with his relentless romancing and promises.

Successful in business endeavors, poised and self-confident, Reece seems to have it all together. But after several inconsistences from Reece, Sarah comes to the sad conclusion that he is leading a double life and her trust and affections are shattered -- again! Sarah is left disillusioned and heartbroken-now with more unanswered questions about love.

But even in the cutthroat world of the big city, God's love has a way of winning through.

Awarded the "Family-Approved" Seal for ages twelve plus by Dove, who said, "The Father's Love comprises of compelling narrative, good acting and cinematography."

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Janey DeMeoAbout the writer: Janey DeMeo is founding-president of Orphans First-a Christ-centered non-profit ministry helping underprivileged children around the world. She is an author, freelance writer and Bible teacher-and has worked with husband as a church-planter in France.

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