Treasures Ministry: The kids are going to be okay…

By Jocelyn Hu

National Strip Church Outreach Training

Recently, we had our National Strip Church Outreach Training in Miami Florida. 28 women from around the world met to get equipped to start a strip club ministry in their city.  We had the honor of joining network partner, Beloved for outreach and together we reached 900 women working in strip clubs in Miami. Most of these clubs had NEVER been reached before!

It was an incredible weekend of connecting with ladies in the clubs, building up leaders, and encouraging one another in our faith journeys.

Local Outreach Update

"What's in a name?" goes the familiar Shakespearean question.   For the women we encounter in the clubs, protection is in a name.   A member of Treasures was answering questions about the support group to a woman who was seemingly skeptical, her face unemotional... Read More


Another one of our Treasures girls took the plunge!

After she finished getting baptized, she gave me the most precious, sopping wet hug. I encouraged her that even though the journey ahead may be challenging, that God will equip her and that she is the transitional generation.  Because of the choices she is making today, she is setting her child up for a better future.

She interrupted me with tears in her eyes and said, "Harmony, our kids are going to be okay.  They are going to be okay!!!"  

I pretty much sobbed like a baby.

For every woman who experiences life change through the work of Treasures, generations will be impacted!

Our kids are going to be okay. Thank you Jesus!

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