The Tokyo International Book Fair Promotes Korea-Japan Cultural Exchanges

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By Pastor Seung-gil Ryu, Special to ASSIST News Service

PrinceAkishinoFumihitosecondfromleftandhisspouseleftTOKYO, JAPAN (ANS - July 11, 2015) - The Tokyo International Book Fair 2015 was held from July 1 to July 4 at the Tokyo Big Sight, an international exposition venue.

For this year's event, the Korea pavilion hosted various programs, such as a promotional event called "Read the Knowledge of Korea." It also introduced about 300 books to mark the 50th anniversary of the normalization of Seoul-Tokyo diplomatic relations.

In commemoration of the relations, the couple of Prince Akishino Fumihito, the Emperor's second son, and his spouse, visited the Korean pavilion on July 1.

It has been reported that the couple's second daughter, Princess Kako, enrolled in the college of liberal arts of International Christian University (ICU) from April this year after quitting Gakushuin University in Tokyo. Reportedly, Princess Kako switched to ICU because she wanted to learn a vast range of liberal arts and English. She will decide on her major when she becomes a junior. Princess Mako, her 24-year-old sister, graduated from ICU last year.

The pavilion had books from 15 Korean publishers, including the Literature Translation Institute of Korea, Darakwon, Urim Books, Happy House and others.

Lee booksUrim Books, which is based in Seoul, displayed Heaven (1,2), Hell, Love: Fulfillment of the Law, and A Man Who Pursues True Blessing all authored by an international evangelist and bestselling author Dr. Jaerock Lee.

Lee writes faithful books based on the pure Gospel and they are getting good feedbacks from the readers. Especially Heaven (1,2) and Hell, which have been ranked as bestsellers in Korea, Indonesia and India.

A Urim spokesman said, "The two books, Love: Fulfillment of the Law, A Man Who Pursues True Blessing, as well as another book, Against Such Things There Is No Law, are the must-read books for those which wish to become men of spirit."

The Tokyo International Book Fair marked its 22nd anniversary this year. It is the largest book event in Japan.

Photo Captions: 1) Prince Akishino Fumihito (second from left) and his spouse(left), listen to an explanation about the special exhibit and books on display at the Korea pavilion of the Tokyo International Book Fair on July 1. (Photo: Korean Publishers Association). 2) Dr. Jaerock Lee's books displayed at Tokyo International Book Fair 2015 (Photo: Pastor Seung-gil Ryu).

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