The Twilight Series

Reviewed by: Guest Reviewer Amy Friedrichsen, high school freshman

The Twilight Series

by Stephenie Meyer

Publisher: Little, Brown Young Readers, September 2006

Book 1: ISBN-10: 0316015849 / ISBN-13: 978-0316015844

498 pages

List Price: $10.99

Vampire Edward Cullen falls in love with human Bella Swan—which throws her into a world no human was ever intended to know about. A suspenseful, romantic book filled with twists and turns that will capture the reader’s attention and imagination.

This book series is incredibly popular among junior high and high school age kids. My best friend is an avid reader and since he often refers books to me, he begged me to read the Twilight series. Since I’m usually busy reading the books required by my honors English class I wasn’t too excited to get started on a 500 page novel. Also, vampire love stories aren’t usually on my radar of good books. But as I began reading this story caught my attention immediately and I had ordered book 2 before I had finished book 1. Book 2 is literally filled with too many emotions to write down, but will surely leave you wanting to read the third book and needing to know what happens next to Bella Swan. Book 3, “Eclipse” was just as good as the first two, and by the time I finished the first three in the “Twilight series” I could hardly wait for the fourth to come out. Now, I’m not sure if a series of books about vampires is necessarily going to be considered by all Christian parents as suitable. But in my opinion the Twilight series is not too bad, as far as non-Christian books go. It does use semi-bad language occasionally (with no strong language) and has some scenes with kissing (in the third book there is a “making out” scene). Parents should treat this series of books like they would a PG-13 movie…maybe check it out for themselves first.