Theologians on the Christian Life

By James.B

I want to recommend to everyone the series of books being published by Crossway titled Theologians on the Christian Life. Eight of the volumes are now available. They are excellent! Each is devoted to a particular theologian from church history, the focus being his perspective on or theology of the Christian life. They are not biographies, as such, nor are they treatments of the entire theological position of each man. They are as the title to the series suggests: an exposition of each man's view of the Christian life.

The ninth in this series will be my own, Packer on the Christian Life. It is due out in a few weeks. I think I hold the distinction in this series of having written the only volume on a living theologian! J. I. Packer will soon turn 89 years old and is as sharp as ever. I'll let you know when the book is available for purchase.

The first eight in the series are as follows:

Warfield on the Christian Life, by Fred Zaspel
Schaeffer on the Christian Life, by William Edgar
Bonhoeffer on the Christian Life, by Stephen Nichols
Wesley on the Christian Life, by Fred Sanders
Edwards on the Christian Life, by Dane Ortlund
Calvin on the Christian Life, by Michael Horton
Luther on the Christian Life, by Carl Trueman
Newton on the Christian Life, by Tony Reinke

One final word of exhortation is in order. Resist falling prey to what C. S. Lewis referred to as chronological snobbery, the arrogant assumption that only what is of recent vintage is of value and worth reading. We greatly deprive ourselves of immeasurable wisdom and profound insight into the mysteries of Christian living when we ignore such great luminaries as Calvin, Edwards, Newton, and Luther. This series of books on the theology of such remarkable men will go a long way toward enriching your own Christian life.


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