Tim Tebow at Liberty U Convocation: We Serve a Big God

By Tercius

This from Liberty University:

Heisman Trophy winner and NFL quarterback Tim Tebow stepped on stage at the Liberty University Vines Center Friday to an enthusiastic Convocation crowd of more than 10,000 welcoming him to the world’s largest Christian university for the first time. Tebow shed his football pads and helmet to share his heart with the student body, challenging them to make an impact.

“There are a lot of people who are going to tell you that you can’t, that you shouldn’t, that you couldn’t,” Tebow said. “Most of the time those are the people that didn’t, that couldn’t, that wouldn’t … But you can, because we serve a big God and your goals should be as big as the God we serve.”

Chancellor Jerry Falwell, Jr. introduced Tebow, praising him for his character and his commitment to his faith.

“In an industry where many are celebrated only for their performance on the field, Tim Tebow is an example of how much can be accomplished by living your values and making a positive difference in the lives of others,” Falwell said. “Tim is a fierce competitor with a strong work ethic. Tim is a leader that his teammates trust and respect. Even more than his impressive athletic skills is his integrity and character that have won him a league of fans. Tim lives a life that consistently reflects his values — he is dedicated to helping people in communities in need.”