Tim Tebow Scores Big at Liberty University

By Tercius

Tim Tebow's highly-anticipated convocation speech at Liberty University on Friday has been described by students as "inspirational" and "amazing," with many taking to Twitter to express their excitement at witnessing the evangelical NFL player speak at their school.


While Tebow's speech took place at the private, Christian university at 10 a.m., photos posted on Twitter show a line of students stretching for blocks outside of the university's auditorium hours before the event, hoping to get a good seat for the athlete's convocation talk.

Many tweets indicated that Tebow, who was described by some students as a "role model," received an endless amount of applause from those in attendance, especially from the female members of the audience.

Others sought to share some snippets of Tebow's talk with the rest of the Twittersphere, evidently feeling inspired by his statements...