Tips for Caring Well: Meet Her Where She Is…

By GospelVideo

In order to help bring someone to where they want to be, we have to meet them where they are at and start there.

This is one of the things I love about God. He loves and accepts us just as we are, and then loves us into becoming all that He created us to be.

Meeting someone where she is requires the following:

  • Listening: To find out where she is, we have to listen.  Listening will help us discern how she might be feeling, where she wants to go, and what issues/circumstances she may be ready to address. What is she is concerned about? What are her goals? How does she feel about herself? Is she in crisis? Or is she ready to take some steps towards healing? See more on listening below.
  • Accepting Her as She Is:  Meeting her where she is at involves accepting her as she is.  Sometimes, it is tempting to get so excited about someone's potential, that we fail to see and love them just as they are, on the way to where they are going.  In our zeal, we might find ourselves trying to rush her along at a pace she isn't ready for. Or we see the "error" in her ways so we begin a campagn to "fix" her, offering her advice she hasn't asked for. Either of these scenarios may push her away.
  • Accepting her Goals and Priorities: When we get a picture of someone's situation, it is tempting to determine what their goals and "next steps" should be, based on our values and life experiences. For example, a women might call you because she want relationship advice, but to you, the more pressing issue is the herioin addiction she is struggling with. Without having established some rapport with her, if you switch gears and try to "help" her work on her addiction when she clearly wants to talk about her relationship, you may miss an opportunity to speak into her life altogether.

Love, Harmony

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