To Lose Something doesn’t Mean You Are Lost

By James.B

I once lost a watch. It was a gift from my uncle who had passed away. I searched pockets, bags, boxes, car seats and turned everything inside- out- upside down.Nowhere. I was devasted, as if this this piece of jewelry had slain my spirit.Eventually it turned up. It was in a pair of pants in the trunk of my car.It's interesting how we look at the things we lose in life.

Rather than the object being the thing that is lost, we feel like we are the lost ones. It's a strange replacement that goes on in our minds.I've lost more than watches. And I guess you have too.I remember when I lost my first best friend. I was no older than six. I moped for days with no attachment to toys, or my brother, or even my dog. Eventually my mother sat me down, made me sit up straight and she told me that I was the same - that I was a good son, who was loved by parents, friends and God.And while I missed my friend, he was the one who walked away. Not me. I was not the wandering one, even though I felt disoriented.Without even trying, I've gained years of growth and wisdom. I am at a place now where I am comfortable with the world, my place in life, and my future. I no longer feel the angst and swirl of emotions.  It is what it is. That's not fatalism. That's just reality and trust. There are some negative things that pop up in my mind every day, things that were lost, only to be found again. The contentment is in finding satisfaction in both.I've gained love, and lost it.I've gained friends, and lost them too.I've gained wisdom, only to chuck it away in one foolish act.But in every instance, I've been refreshed and renewed by a God who seems vitally interested in me. What I lost, I have now found ten fold.It almost seems that the balance of life constantly has the fresh water pouring in while the old stale water dribbling over the edges.I am the penny that rolled into the corner. And the woman, Jesus swept diligently until she found it. Covered in dust and hidden in the darkness, who would have caredcared? But there was joy in the presence of the angels when I was found.

It is a mystery that I will never understand. But like the homely puppy rescued from the pound, I'll never again take for granted the profound love that has been shown to me by others, and by God. 

David Rupert  

originally posted at Red Letter Believers

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