Treasures Strip Club Outreach: The Light and the Lighter

By GospelVideo

On my drive to the Treasures Outreach last Friday, the sky was deep gray like rain would soon come.  As I prayed for the outreach that night, the image of God as a holy fire consumed my thoughts.  He is the One Who lights the way, a lamp unto our feet.  He is the One Who burns away all that is not from Him.  He is the refiner and the One Who brings warmth when life is cold.

These clubs are less glamorous than those on many of our other routes.  They are often industrial in architecture and sad in mood.  Darkness there is not just a color of the hour, but a thick presence.

In the dressing room of the first club, we met a young woman who needed a lighter.  She had needed one all day and recounted her tale of being without.  We watched her open her gift and unwrap the paper to find a black lighter that said, "You are loved, valued, and purposed."  She was floored.

God is so precise and so perfect in the timing of His good gifts to us!

We know that those gifts are more than just lighters; they are invitations to encounter Him.  That woman thought she needed a lighter, but in God's perfect provision, we pray she also sees The Light that stands behind that small flicker of a flame, and that every time she lights it, she would remember that God knows her every need.  She is relentlessly loved.

By a "whim," the outreach coordinator again switched the girls who would enter the last club.  We all thought this club was a strip club, as are most of the clubs on our routes, but a small sound begged otherwise.  The Treasures volunteer who was not supposed to have been going in had worked in a dominatrix club.

When a slap was audible from where they were standing in the lobby, the volunteer recognized the sound of a dominatrix at work.  Immediately, she began to share her story with the women working in the club, and a connection was formed with these woman.  In the conversation, the volunteer learned of a new dominatrix club in the area, one that Treasures had never heard of.

The building was non-descript with no signage, as is customary for a dominatrix club, so it was not easy to find.  Out front was a loose dog, which came from an unknown place and had an unknown health status.  But eventually, the Treasures team made it to the doorbell.

They were buzzed in without question and greeted with a natural welcome, as if they were expected.  The conversation was mutual and fluid, one of the girls from the club remarking that the Treasures team brought a warmth of spirit with them.

With one club closed for renovations, and a new club discovered that evening, we had the privilege of delivering 123 gifts to those women-123 invitations to encounter the light and the warmth God.

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