Twelve Ways to Turn Your Pain Into Praise

Twelve Ways to Turn Your Pain Into PraiseTwelve Ways to Turn Your Pain Into Praise

Linda Newton

Warner Press, September 2008

ISBN-10: 1593173164

ISBN-13: 978-1593173166

128 pages

List price: $11.95

A Christian counselor brings valuable insight to the emotional and spiritual struggles of abuse victims. Drawing upon her knowledge of Scripture and psychology, Linda Newton points the way out of the wilderness of self-destruction and despair.

“Twelve Ways to Turn Your Pain Into Praise” begins with the author’s riveting story of her abusive childhood. She recounts her younger years with heartbreaking authenticity, and I found myself engrossed in her story. Newton’s honesty and transparency are refreshing, and the way she weaves her story of joyful healing throughout each chapter is deeply inspiring.

I appreciate the fact that “Twelve Ways to Turn Your Pain Into Praise” doesn’t serve up “easy answers” and Christian platitudes to abuse survivors. Instead, Newton offers specific solutions, Biblical insight, compassion, and practical steps to experience lasting freedom and healing. Each chapter ends with a constructive exercise for the reader. For example, at the end of chapter 10 the reader is told to, List your top three priorities in your journal. Invest in each one every day. To keep yourself accountable, keep a record of what you do. I liked the fact that after receiving instruction in each chapter, the reader is then given something to do to solidify the new lesson learned.

The chapters flow easily, and the content remains interesting and relevant until the last page. Newton relies heavily upon other women’s stories (as well as her own) and she extensively expounds on Scripture—especially in chapter 3. Although the author is a gifted Bible teacher and professional counselor—you’ll feel more like you’re being instructed by a trusted friend and mentor.

“Twelve Ways to Turn Your Pain Into Praise” is insightful, interesting, and even charming. Abuse survivors will find it a reliable roadmap to freedom.