What the Bible Teaches us About Tragedy

By Tercius

Duluth/Gwinnett CPA: What the Bible Teaches us About Tragedy 

What Can We Learn When Trials Beyond Our Control Hit Hard

The walk of a believer is often fraught with trials and tribulations leading to both defeat and victory. Life's tragedies, your personal 9/11's come into our lives seemingly in waves as we face obstacles, which both challenge our confidence and test our faith. Time stood still as the towers fell on that fateful day on September 11, 2001 and lives all over the world were changed forever and the world as we knew it would never be the same. It is only by the power of an almighty God that we are to persevere.


Is tragedy befalls our life, God shares his wisdom with us so we might overcome the world. By leaning on him in the darkness that befalls us, we are able to rise above circumstances that otherwise might cripple our lives. There will be times when you will feel abandoned by all those about you who choose to criticize rather than support and encourage you. We all need a "safe place to fall," a family member or a brother or sister in Christ who will comfort us in our time of need. Come along one man's journey as he loses it all becoming both mentally and physically challenged at every turn discovering God never leaves his side and indeed believes in him even during his darkest times. God has a unique calling on our lives and it is through Overcoming Life's 9/11's we are able to become more like him.

Approximately two thousand years before the birth of Jesus Christ there lived an ordinary man who, despite challenges that face him, continues to believe in God. Despite ravenous trials, which arrive in quick succession, Job never deters in his faith choosing to believe God would ultimately redeem him. Living in the land of Uz near the desert land between Damascus and the Euphrates River just northeast of Palestine, Job lives his life in pursuit of God while doing His work and bidding. Our lives need to be built on the rock of our faith in Jesus Christ, as it is our belief in Him, which will enable us to withstand life's trials. Whether our trials are of our own doing or that of others we can discern how to see God's hand in every event. Though we may not always know why bad things happen we can always find a triune God standing in the gap along with us. The Bible teaches we are to build our life on Him who was the cornerstone and became the capstone and it is in our reliance on Him alone we are able to pass life's tests.

Come alongside as we see how one man despite all odds and all those who would turn against him stays true to his faith. Job's story is one of a man who loses it all, his family, his wealth, and the support of his wife and friends. Yet Job stays true to his faith and to a God who not only restores him, but also gives him much more than he originally lost. Learn how to lean into the pain by seeking God's will to overcome all that comes your way. God does not promise that our life will be easy but he does say that with him our yoke will be light. Read along as one man, Job, stands, despite the heat of tribulations clinging to his faith when all those he thought he could count on desert him. This story will inspire and motivate you to grow in your relationship with God by leaning on him during life's fiery trials.