When Bad Things Happen to Good People

By Boaz Wadel

  • I once heard someone preach that if things were going wrong in your life; if you had trials you must be doing something wrong. This troubled me greatly as I was going through some really awful trials, so I took a quick personal inventory. It turns out that, while I was far from perfect, there were really no sins or misdeeds that could possibly warrant the depth of the tribulations I was enduring. When I was much younger, I remember asking God, "What am I doing so wrong that I have to suffer like this?"

    Asking such questions only seeks to place blame and could cause good faithful people to turn away. I have had children ask me, "Why does God, if he is so good, allow this kind of suffering?"

    While we sometimes suffer the consequences of our choices, other times we are blessed with obstacles for our own growth.

    Over the course of many years and much studying and prayer, I have learned that there are a number of reasons why bad things happen, and a number of things we need to do.

  • As a call to action

    Often when we have trials or see others going through them, it is a call to action for us. What can we do to initiate change? Can we advocate? Can we pool our resources and provide aid? Can we band together and create change?

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