Which books hold the record for being translated into the most number of languages?

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NEW DELHI, INDIA (ANS - Feb. 11. 2015) --According to a list of literary works featured in Wikipedia, and sorted by the number of languages they have been translated into, the Bible continues to be the most translated book in the world.

The list includes novels, plays, series, collections of poems or short stories, and essays, and other forms of literary non-fiction.

The Jewish Tanakh (identical to the Protestant Old Testament) was originally written in Hebrew, with the exception of some passages of Daniel, Ezra, and Jeremiah which are in Aramaic.

The New Testament is widely agreed to have been originally written in Greek.

The following numbers are approximations - 2,883 (at least one book), 1,329 (New Testament), 531 (Old and New Testaments, including the Protocanonical books).

The list also includes the following books: "The Message of the Cross" (57 languages), "Tirukkural" (37 languages), "My Life My Faith" (35 languages).

Message of the cross Urim BooksThe Message of the Cross," and "My Life My Faith," are originally authored by Dr. Jaerock Lee, who is one of the most well-known authors in South Korea, the "Focus Country" at the New Delhi World Book Fair 2015.

The publisher, Urim Books, will showcase the books during the fair.

According to a delegation from Urim Books, based in Seoul, they are planning an event entitled "100 Rupees' Happiness".

"We cannot purchase happiness with money, but book fair visitors can buy 'The Message of the Cross,' which is a must-read for the whole world in 57 languages, for only with 100 Rupees, so that they can possess happiness by reading the book," said a spokesperson for Urim Books.

"Actually, the book is being sold at the price of 859 Rupees on www.amazon.in, however, we have planned this event to supply the book at the economic price so that anybody can get a copy of the book."

The 37 language translated book "Tirukkural" is a classic Tamil sangam literature consisting of 1330 couplets or Kurals. It was authored by Thiruvalluvar, who was a celebrated Tamil poet and philosopher, India. On January, 16, 2015, the Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, released the Gujarati translation of Tirukkural.

As part of celebrating 50 years of close and cordial bilateral diplomatic relations, Singapore is the Guest of Honour country at the upcoming New Delhi World Book Fair to be held from February 14-22, 2015 at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, India.

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Photo Caption: "The Message of the Cross" and its many translations, which includes Hindi

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