Why Love Matters

By Grace

Sue Gerhardt explores how the earliest relationship shapes the baby’s nervous system. She shows how the development of the brain determines future emotional well being, and goes on to look at specific early ‘pathways’ that can affect the way we respond to stress and can contribute to conditions such as anorexia, addiction, and anti-social behavior.

Why Love Matters is a lively and very accessible interpretation of the latest findings in neuroscience, psychology, psychoanalysis and biochemistry. It will be invaluable to psychotherapists and psychoanalysts, mental health professionals, parents and all those concerned with the central importance of brain development in relation to many later adult difficulties.

About the Author

Sue Gerhardt is a psychoanalytic psychotherapist in private practice. She was co-founder of the Oxford Parent infant Project (OXPIP), a pioneering charity that provides psychotherapeutic help to parents with their babies.

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