Women Can Have a More Fulfilling Marriage if They're Submissive, Christian Author Says

By James.B

Italian writer Costanza Miriano angered women's rights activists across Europe in 2013 when she released her best-selling book, Marry Him and Be Submissive, advising women to forsake the heresy of feminism and submit to their husbands in order to enjoy a more fulfilling life.

She is now hoping to reintroduce this concept to the modern American woman - hinged on the advice doled out by St. Paul in the book of Ephesians - in the English translation of the book published last month by TAN Books.

"You will have to learn from the advice of St. Paul and be submissive. That means, literally, as we say in Italian, sotto messo - 'placed under' so as to be the support of your family. You must be its foundations. You will sustain everyone, your husband and your children, by adapting, accepting, suggesting, and sweetly engaging," she writes.

"It is he (or in this case she) who is below, who holds up the world, not the person who places himself above others. Only you will be able to do this, because in your family you are the only adult woman, meaning the only one who is flexible, gentle, solid, strong, patient, and far-sighted," Miriano advises women.
Feminism, she explains, has devolved into a destructive force on the family and society.

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