Write from the Heart!

By Paul Dawn

Words written from within, words from the hearts of those who have been broken, that have been crushed, that have walked the paths that others have! Hearts that have been wounded, that have been touched and have felt the grace of God, whose hearts have been mended, restored and caused to beat again. Hearts that have been healed, taught to forgive, to let go, to restore.

To cling to the master surgeon, who has removed the stony heart, the heart that was dried up, that through the new life, the blood of Christ now surges within, bringing restoration, hope, life that restores, rebuilds us. That makes us pliable in his hands, to be pens used by the Holy Spirit to express the heart of the father, that will touch those wounded in life, who are crying out, why father, why?

For it may be at a time such as this that you are called to lift your pen, your heart, to the Master Author and say, “Here I am father, here I am, use me this day, this hour, this moment to touch the heart of someone who needs hope!”

Hope that has been birthed in you!

Lift your pen, raise your brush, sing your song, be the instrument of God this day, to touch the hearts and lives of others, that they will be drawn to the father, through his son, Jesus, and know the hope, the life changing hope, of Christ within, who changes the hearts of the wounded and causes them to beat with life again!

Till later,