Joni and Friends: You Can Lead With Love to share Christ

By ImageofGod

Are you longing to go deeper and wider, to share Christ with those who desperately need to know Him? Do you know a young Christian adult who's ready to step forward as a leader in ministry? A rich opportunity for leadership training awaits.

Right now, our Cause 4 Life internship program is training and equipping students and professionals for ministry, service, and advocacy on behalf of people with disabilities worldwide, through comprehensive study and practical experience.

Katie is one such young woman. A wheelchair user herself, she is uniquely prepared to serve those with disabilities. Recently, she joined the Cause 4 Life internship program and traveled with a team of interns to Uganda, where she met little Ivan. No one had ever visited Ivan until Katie and her team brought blankets, a wheelchair, and a lantern to light the hut where he lives with his grandma.

Katie held Ivan as he shivered and suffered through a seizure. And in that moment, as she prayed, Katie made a life-changing commitment to continue serving children like Ivan.

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