Tale of two Disciples

DONCASTER, UK (ANS - March 13, 2017) -- I never expected to have something in common with tough-guy movie star Sylvester Stallone. But it turns out that -- in more ways than one -- we have walked the same path! Both of us have slept at a bus stop at a rough stage of our lives, and we are both now following Jesus as the Rock1 (foundation) of our lives. In the case of the "Italian Stallion," the journey from a bus terminal to rediscovered faith took him many years; for me it took just seven

Peter Zöller-Greer: A Rational approach to Theism

ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO (ANS - March 13, 2017) -- I've recently had the privilege of "meeting" Dr. Peter Zöller-Greer through email correspondence. As I was working on an idea concerning what I called Icon Numbers [1] -- a mathematical means to discuss God's sovereignty and man's freewill -- I asked myself if anyone was doing similar work. To help answer the question I turned to a couple of my former professors: Dr. Norman Geisler (Veritas Evangelical Seminary) and Dr. John Warwick Montgomery (f

When things go wrong, GOD still has a Plan

GROVE, OK (ANS - March 12, 2017) -- "A person's steps are directed by the Lord. How then can anyone understand their own way?" -- Proverbs 20:24 (NIV). To do list 2For nine months, I argued with God. I didn't want to move from the area where I'd lived for 35 years. I'd taught school there for 30 years. Planning my retirement, I wanted to write newspaper and magazine feature stories for local, state and national publications. I'd also planned to grow my professional photography business of 20

Through the eyes of your Child.

Instruction and correction can easily be misunderstood. This is particularly the case when parental authority is being exercised. When correcting your children you can give them the impression that you are delighting in their failure, or that you are fixated on their shortcomings. Since disciplined training in righteousness must be thorough and ongoing, a child may think that your only purpose is to delight in telling him how wrong he is.

Lost in the Middle, featured in World Magazine

World Magazine recently asked several Christian authors what one book would they like to see on a list of books read by most Christians. Author Carolyn McCulley chose Paul David Tripp's Lost in The Middle, "with its helpful teaching on trusting and obeying God when life doesn't turn out the way one expects."

Biblical Communication that Strengthens your Relationship.

Communication is part of everyday life. Perhaps nothing else brings such a combination of joy and frustration than the way we communicate with each other. Here are some biblical guidelines to make your communication more productive and effective. Check your Heart Attitude Consider others more important than yourself. Philippians 2:3-5

Celebrating the Unsearchable Greatness of God: Reflections on Psalm 145 (Part Two)

In the previous article we looked at the unsearchable greatness of God. So, how does one respond to such a God? Needless to say, such splendor, majesty, mercy and call for the loudest and most passionate of praise. We are to extol him (v. 1a), which literally means "to be high." God is high and we acknowledge and declare it so. We don't make him higher than he already and always is. But we can declare him to be infinitely high and worthy of praise. Thus to extol is to exalt above all others,

Celebrating the Unsearchable Greatness of God: Reflections on Psalm 145

You can't not worship. Ignore my use of the ungrammatical double negative and try to understand what I'm saying. You can't not worship. Or to put it yet another way, "we can't not love something ultimate" (James K. A. Smith, You Are What You Love, 20). You may choose not to sing. You may choose not to bow down. You may choose not to lift your hands. You may choose not to give any outward or physical expression to your devotion, but you can't not worship.

In Faith Leadership, Some Days We Walk Blindly

Recently I came across a journal entry from January, 2005. I talked about some of the goals I had for the year and my progress and lack thereof towards meeting them. I shared some current frustrations I was having in ministry. I then asked God to help me be more disciplined. Then I read the last sentence of that day's journal. I wrote, "God, at 41 years of age, some days it feels that I'm not accomplishing anything."

Turning the Tables!

DONCASTER, UK (ANS - March 8, 2017) -- As Iran's supreme leader calls for a "holy intifada" to eradicate Israel, Jews everywhere can be encouraged that the tables were turned on a man from the same part of the world when he made a similar threat. As we approach the annual Jewish feast of Purim, we recall the plot to destroy all Jews living in the ancient and far-reaching Persian Empire. The man behind it was Haman, political aide to King Xerxes, but thanks to the intervention of Queen Esther,