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Church Engagement Officer

Full Job Description

About the Role

As the Church Engagement Office, you will intentionally develop, maintain and expand relationships between Buckner and assigned churches and individuals in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, as appropriate. Actively and strategically engage churches to participate with Buckner in meaningful ways that meet the objectives of both entities. Qualify, cultivate, solicit and steward targeted churches for the purpose of engaging them in Buckner ministries as appropriate and beneficial for the church and Buckner. Qualify new church relationships to determine their capacity and propensity for participating in the programs and ministries of Buckner. Support the goals of the Buckner International by proactively seeking funding opportunities from churches and individuals.

What You'll Do
As a member of our team you will have an impact on our ministries through accomplishment of the following responsibilities:

Manage an assigned portfolio of churches for the purpose of supporting them and engaging them in the many different ministry based options Buckner provides.
Develop and implement engagement strategies for assigned churches in portfolio. This includes identifying, cultivating, recognizing and maintaining a relationship with churches. This is done successfully by intentionally exposing them to Buckner ministry programs and engaging them as fully as possible. It also includes promoting resources and materials provided through Buckner Church Engagement.
Connect with churches in a consistent and strategic manner. Engage church staff and lay leadership more fully in Buckner ministries in order to deepen the relationship.
Promote and encourage churches to participate in Buckner mission trips and service opportunities both domestically and internationally.
Fully utilize tools and resources of Buckner International to establish cultivation strategies. Initiate and make contacts, with Buckner staff or alone, with individuals and churches. Contacts will promote Buckner and opportunities for churches to engage in Buckner ministry and philanthropic opportunities.
Prepare written engagement and funding proposals with the goal of developing lifetime engaged relationships.
Identify individuals within churches who have an affinity for Buckner and the estimated ability to support Buckner ministries and introduce them to the appropriate Development Team member.
Understand Buckner service offerings in detail in order to effectively communicate the value added for churches, church-related organization and ministry partners.
Collaborate across departmental lines to more effectively engage churches in our ministries.
Report and record all activity with churches in the organization's CRM. This includes telephone calls, emails, correspondence, and personal visits.
Fully participate in and utilize the tools and reports of the Prospect Management System.
Participate in mission trips with specific churches, as directed.
Ensure communication process and information is clear and effective between Buckner and all churches and ministry partners.
Speak to groups, churches, organizations, and other related groups about the ministries of Buckner and ways the church may engage.
Liaison to community, churches, and church-related organizations; speak in public on behalf of Buckner.
Coordinate contacts with donors and Internationals in conjunction with the International staff. Appropriately respond to inquiries from potential donors, media, churches, agencies and other community groups.
Cultivate and monitor relationships with outside service providers, consultants, agencies and organizations to develop relationships to enhance the delivery of services to clients.
Maintain compliance with all Buckner policies, procedures and requirements. Maintain compliance with all state and federal laws and regulatory requirements. Maintain compliance with all laws of the country in which work is being performed on behalf of Buckner.
Attend and participate in staff meetings, external meetings, and training as required.
Develop emerging leadership through professional growth and development.
Work successfully as a part of a team, with responsibility for developing and maintaining strong working relationships with co-workers.
Responsible for supporting and representing Buckner at special events, activities and other assigned functions.
Travel domestically and internationally as needed to monitor, assess and help develop relationships with donors, churches, and ministry organizations.
Cultural awareness and working knowledge of the Dallas – Fort Worth Metroplex, its churches, ministry organizations, and network opportunities.
Perform general office tasks as required.

What You'll Bring to the Team
To be successful in this role and a great addition to our team we need you to come with the following:

Planning and Organizing. Establish a course of action for oneself and/or others to accomplish specific goals. Plan proper assignments for personnel and appropriately allocate resources.
Leadership. Create and communicate a clear a vision/ goal, gain alignment with appropriate stakeholders, and foster a supportive climate that will achieve the desired results.
Project/Program Management: Effectively direct and integrate all aspects of a project or program, ensure that work progresses toward achieving goals and objectives.
Self management. Demonstrate self-control and an ability to manage time and priorities. Make sound decisions even under pressure.
Communication. Clearly express ideas, either verbally or in writing, to include but not limited to grammar, organization, and structure.
Research. Effectively identify, collect, organize, and document data and information in ways that make the information most useful for subsequent assessment, analysis, and investigation.
Willingness to Learn. Assimilate and apply new job-related information promptly.
Creative & Innovative Thinking. Develop innovative ideas that provide solutions to all types of workplace challenges. Involves adapting traditional or devising new approaches, concepts, methods, models, designs, processes, technologies, and/or systems. Includes a willingness to take fresh perspectives and risks in his/her thinking and seeking out fresh ideas from a wide variety of sources.
Ethics & Integrity. Consistently earn the trust, respect, and confidence of coworkers and customers through consistent honesty, forthrightness and professionalism in all interactions. Includes meeting commitments and promises.
Diplomacy. Demonstrates maturity, composure, and diplomacy in the solicitation of philanthropic support for the development of healthy, lifetime donor engagement.
Team Player. Work effectively with others in the organization and outside the formal lines of authority (i.e., peers, other units, senior management, and the like) to accomplish organizational goals and to identify and resolve problems. Includes considering the impact of your decisions on others.
Critical Thinking. The ability to actively and skillfully conceptualize, apply, analyze, synthesize, and/or evaluate information as a guide to belief and action
Self-Starter. Demonstrate initiative to take action to achieve goals beyond what is necessarily called for. Includes the ability to work in a less structured environment.
Adaptability. Maintain effectiveness in varying environments, tasks and responsibilities, or with various types of people and cultures. Stay agile in the face of change.
Requires 5 or more years of successful experience working with churches, relationship management, or a closely related performance area. A particular understanding of churches, religious organizations and/or other church-related organizations is required.
Proficient ability to speak, read and write English. Ability to speak, read, and write Spanish preferred.
Prior experience preparing and presenting project proposals.

Preferred Qualifications
In addition to the amazing qualifications and experiences listed above, if we had our say, we would also look for:

Ability to fluently speak, read, and write Spanish.
Prior related experience using Raisers Edge and/or other fundraising software and prospect management systems.
Great collaboration skills to achieve actionable results through others, build strong and sustainable working relationships and interact within all levels of the organization.
Demonstrated skills and knowledge of fundraising, public relations laws and regulations governing agency and employees.
Amazing skills working in Microsoft Office and can create complex Excel sheets. You will build creative presentations using PowerPoint that tell the Buckner story.

Job Perks
At Buckner one of the ways we show value to our team members is by offering the following perks:

Medical and Dental benefits for employees and their eligible dependents;
Life insurance;
Short Term and Long Term Disability benefits;
Paid Time Off and Holidays;
Paid Parental Leave;
Retirement Savings Plan; and
The 5Star Fun Benefit: encourages employees to spread good cheer to their co-workers and others, creating a happy, healthy environment for all!

The same way we treat our employees is how we treat all applicants – with respect. Buckner is an equal opportunity employer (EEO is the law). You will be treated fairly throughout our recruiting process and without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, or veteran status in consideration for a career at Buckner.


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